Requesting kingresearch latest dus ka dum course. Please share the videos if you have.


Can anybody share king research Harinder Sahu (Harry) Sir latest 2021 dus ka dum webinar videos and other paid strategies like railway track, no brain, option hunting, lunchbox strategy etc.,

All these courses are expensive to afford. Hence requesting here. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I have emailed you. Please share No brain and Railway track strategies. Thanks in advance.

Can i get railway track strategy pls

Hi @jack_johan, @Faisal_Shaikh is asking money for the course. This website is intended to provide courses for free. Please do not encourage people by paying them.

no need to pay money,wait course will be posted


Waiting eagerly. Thank you @abhinav_singh

Waiting @abhinav_singh <3 Thanks mate!

jisko chahiye tha course,ig mil gya hoga

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Was not found any link for download