Public Speaking Workshop by Raj Shamani (Growth School)

Speak to Influence - Public Speaking Workshop by Raj Shamani - A Workshop Organized by Growth School

Link: 25984820381 - YouTube

Become an Exceptional Speaker and Own any room you enter with Confidence.

Learn how Raj Shamani gave over 250+ keynote speeches in 26 countries before turning 24
and built a social media empire on the side.

What will you learn in the Workshop?

Make people listen to what you say on the stage.

Speaking becomes 10x easier when people listen to you and I will teach you how to do that.

Get noticed by influential people without trying hard.

Learn the art of getting noticed by people you want to learn from or work with easily.

Stand out of the crowd & make people talk to you by doing this one thing!

Want people to come and talk to you? I will teach you how to do that and stand out of the crowd.

Express your thoughts like a BOSS & make people fall in awe of you.

Make your thoughts crystal clear and talk like a Boss using my effective expression strategy.

Leave a lasting impression on the stage or with anybody you meet.

Learn how to Make your presence felt and become unforgettable.

Connect with your audience on a subconscious level.

Build a strong connection with your audience when you speak in public.

Use my 3R Speaking Formula to make your speech 10x more impactful.

Create 10x more impact while speaking using my 3R Formula.

Pro-Tips to write a Killer Script for your speech

Know exactly what to say and what not to say before getting onto the stage.

and a lot more . . . .


Kindly share UI and UX design workshops from Growth School.

Thanks for this. We appreciate your efforts.

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I don’t have the UI & UX Design Workshop from Growth School. BTW I have Growth Hacking & Performance Marketing Workshop and If you’re interested drop a reply to this and I’ll post it :slight_smile:

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Please share both :smiley:

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Looking forward to learn some new skills. Kindly upload Growth Hacking & Performance Marketing Workshop

please post it bro