Programming Hub Premium Subscription

Contact me if anyone requires for free

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how do i contact you, need this subscription

I am in.
Thank you!

i want bro bcz i want to practise python

How are you providing free?

Hi ,
Can you please share me?


hey dear i want to do the python course can I get it?

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Duplicate threat

Yes i created same threat before

Hi I need Applied AI Machine learning course of 91Gb file … Please email me the link to [email protected] .

Brother kindly check the threat before creating it

Bhai kisi ke pass jaspreet singh punjabi trading course hai toh please send me .

How to contact you?

Yu too working on python me too by the way did he sent yu?

I want AppliedAI Course Link.

Yes, why not, that would be great.

I am interested, Sir.
Thank you!