Part-Time YouTuber Crash Course by Ali Abdaal

An awesome freebie from Ali Abdaal!

Growing a YouTube channel is a serious challenge. And as with most of these things, starting is the hardest part.

It doesn’t matter if you have any subscribers or if you’re literally starting out. The content is very beginner-friendly and if you’re not sure if YouTube is for you, please go through all 7 lessons.

In the first part we’re going to talk about all the benefits of being a YouTuber, the myths around starting a YouTube channel, and how you can plan and record video in the most productive and time-efficient way.

In lessons 4 to 7, we’ll switch our focus to content. I’ll show you how you can create valuable and educational videos and we’ll touch on all the aspects that go into making a YouTube channel successful.

“You inspired me to hit record and upload my first video!” - Matthew E. Boutté

Lessons are split into days, so you can do the final task of the day and take action rather than jump to the next thing. If you want to blitz through the contents, feel free to do so but remember that recording and hitting Publish is what it’s all about.