Option Trading for Beginners to Advanced (Indian Markets)

Option Trading for Beginners to Advanced (Indian Markets)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of Option Trading - Examples of Options, Buy and Sell of CALL Option, Buy and Sell of PUT Options
  • Learn Option greeks and apply them - Theta, Delta, Gamma, Vega, VIX, Opstra tool and demo, Candle Sticks
  • Learn and implement the core Option Strategies - Covered Call, Cash secured Put, Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly, Condor, Call Spread, Calendar Spread, Put Spread
  • Money and Risk Management in Options. Setting targets for profits and loss, generating wealth
  • Adjustment techniques in Options Trading - Martingale, Averaging, Relocating, Opposite Selling


  • Basic knowledge of stock market is needed to make the best use of the course.
  • No Prior experience in options trading is needed. You will learn everything from scratch


The Course teaches right from the basics to advanced concepts in options trading. This is designed keeping in mind the Indian markets to teach the concepts (Nifty, Bank Nifty, NSE, BSE) . The examples used will have reference to Indian stocks and indices. We will be covering the following topics -

  1. Learn the basics of options.
  2. CALL and PUT option concepts
  3. Option Chain concepts
  4. Candle Sticks and its use
  5. Option greeks - Theta, Gamma, Delta, Vega, etc.
  6. Option Strategies -
  7. Covered Call
  8. Cash Secured Put
  9. Long Straddle
  10. Short Straddle
  11. Iron Butterfly
  12. Long Strangle
  13. Short Strangle
  14. Iron Condor
  15. Long Calendar Call Spread
  16. Long Calendar put Spread
  17. Bull Call Spread
  18. Bear put spread
  19. Margin and Risk Management
  20. Adjustment Techniques

Who is this Course for ?

-Newbie to Options and want to master it.

-Has vague idea and tried options with little knowledge.

-Has some confusions on options trading

-Has some basic knowledge on stock market and investing

-Burnt fingers doing options trading

-Money, Risk and Profit/Loss management

-Adjusting the trading when tide is against you

-Discipline in trading and build wealth

-If you are a full time options trader, then this course is not intended for you.

Golden Rules

-Do not try to trade based on predicting the market. You will never be able to predict the direction of the beast.

-Risk Management is key.

-It is okay to come out with less profit than booking a huge loss.

-Aim reasonable returns 2-5% per month. If you are dealing with anything more, then you are riding a tiger.

-Keep it simple. Do not complicate trading with technical charts and analysis. You don’t need them.

-Always be prepared for the worst possible twist.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners interested to learn Option Trading from the basics to advanced topics
  • Passion to learn the ways to be successful with options trading
  • Passion to understand means to generate wealth through options trading



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