Linkedin Premium 6-month BUSINESS PLAN ony at ₹830 (10$)

:white_check_mark: LINKEDIN BUSINESS PREMIUM :white_check_mark:

:rotating_light:Original Price 20000/-
:rotating_light:6 Months 830/_ or 10$
:rotating_light:On Your Account


:balloon:unlimited access to linkedin learning
:balloon:Private Browsing
:balloon:Applicant Insights
:balloon:Direct Messaging
:balloon:Who Viewed Ur profile
:balloon:Advanced Search
:balloon:Inmail Credits
:balloon:Smart Suggestions
:balloon:And a Lot More…

:shushing_face:LimitedStock :face_with_monocle:

Note :- No need to share linkedin id and password. You can activate it yourself.

All payment method available.

:point_right: upi
:point_right: Crypto
:point_right: Paypal

How to contact you?

is this trustworthy?

I have taken Linkedin deal like this in the past and my account currently is a premium account. It will expire in next 18 days. Will this work on the same account or would we need a fresh account for this?
And how to contact this guy?