Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel By Ali Abdaal - Part -Time Youtuber Academy

Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ subscribers and transform it into a sustainable, income-generating machine . Without quitting your day job :wink:

Making Money from YouTube

I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical school at Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue .

18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribers and was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of October 2021, my channel has over 2 million subscribers and I make over Β£100,000 ($130k) each month , with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know β€” it’s bloody ridiculous.

Sales Page: https://academy.aliabdaal.com


Both files are same, right???

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([Babiato] Ali Abdaal - Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Google Drive)
(Ali Abdaal - Part-Time Youtuber Academy – Google Drive)
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