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Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important software programme being used today. It has become a neccessity in both business and professional life, irrespective of the role the hierachy, the business function or the industry.This course has been designed in such a way so as to enable the students to gain a complete understanding on the advanced excel concepts and apply such concepts to their relevant role and business.

Advanced Excel Tutorial covers both fundamental as well as advanced excel concepts. It ensures that the participants not only understand these concepts with the help of well designed examples but also develop the thought process so that they can apply the learning in their day to day education or professional life.


This programme will enable the students:

  • To gain knowledge on basic as well as advanced excel concepts and functions
  • To understand the practical application of the basic as well as advanced excel concepts
  • To develop their thought process in such a way so as to apply their learnings in their educational or professional life


Excel is all about increasing productivity and efficiency.

There are many things which are currently done either manually or using basic excel feature. But there are more efficient and smart ways to do it, which will not only save time but also increase productivity.

This course aims to provide the learners with a comprehensive knowledge bank on the basic as well as advanced excel concepts as well as their practical applications with the help of examples.

This series of recorded video lectures will allow the students ansd other professionals to learn at their own pace.

After successful completion of the course , the students will receive a “Certificate of Completion”


  • An introduction to MS Excel
  • Basic Formatting
  • Numeric, Logical, Text, Data , Date and Finance Function
  • Lookup, Array and Pivot Table
  • Circ Ref & Formatting, Naming Cells or Array and Paste Special
  • Go To Excel Linkage, Custom Format and Excel Protection
  • Charts


  • Anyone using or planning to use calculators or other calculating devices
  • Graduate or Post Graduate Students from any streams
  • Working Professionals from any department specially Finance, HR,Marketing ,Operations, Supply Chain
  • Business people or self-employed professionals especially CAs, Consultsants or any other stream where data is inevitable

Now increase your efficiency and productivity by taking your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level.

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