Jacob McMillen – The Internets Best Copywriting Course

Jacob McMillen – The Internets Best Copywriting Course

Welcome to Jacob McMillen – The Internets Best Copywriting Course

There are a TON of freelance and copywriting courses out there. There’s a virtually endless collection of blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, white papers, memberships, masterminds, webinars, workshops, and every conceivable form of training.

So why are so many writers still struggling to succeed?

Over the last few years, this question has weighed heavily on my mind, and I’ve talked with hundreds of writers, trying to identify what has helped them the most and what seems to be left out in the wide array of available training.

It’s what I looked for as I tried 1-to-1 mentorship, group mentorship, short form training, a general membership group, and even direct training through employment.

And it’s what I looked for as I reviewed my own journey to six-figures, as well as the journeys of my friends who had hit that milestone as well.

I discovered a few things.

You know what I’m talking about.

  • “Tell a story”
  • “Give your audience what they want”
  • “Do more research”
  • “Develop a marketing plan”

How? How do I develop a marketing plan?

“Well… guest post and pitch and stuff”

Okay… but how?

“Well you can also comment on blog posts and social media posts and [insert 20 more time-consuming tips that won’t move the needle on your business]”

Which leads us to the next problem I discovered.

Frankly, I’m being nice here. What it’s really designed to do is provide such a high volume of low-value tips that you are tricked into feeling like a lot of value has been provided to you.

And this is really harmful to new writers.

For example, saying, “Start a blog” might seem like an innocent, helpful piece of advice. After all, having a blog CAN be very beneficial to writers.

But here’s what happens when a new writer sees “start a blog”. They stop working on stuff that is actually going to earn them money today, and they start wasting tons of time going down the rabbit hole of figuring out how to blog.

It’s counterproductive, and that is the biggest problem with most writer training today. It’s not targeted or efficient. It’s not designed to help you get from $0 to $2,000 per month as quickly as possible and then $2,000 per month to $4,000 per month, and so on…

It’s designed to list out every possible piece of advice the author has ever heard, discovered, or created.

And that style of training is hopelessly counterproductive.

But it gets worse…
You can get it here: Jacob McMillen – The Internets Best Copywriting Course – Google Drive