How To Make 5$ A Day By Sharing Your Internet Bandwidth

How we are going to do this, you might ask…

You will sell your bandwidth.[Don’t worry, you will sell just unused bandwidth so you will be safe, no high pings or interrupting issues]

Firstly, you will go on this site: and make an account!

Then download and install the app for mobile and PC! [YES YOU CAN SHARE YOUR MOBILE DATA TOO ON YOUR PHONE!]

Secondly, start it and watch your balance grow! [Don’t worry it will update on the site just be patient.]

PS: It can slightly differ your income[!It depends on your location and your internet connection!]

You can withdraw via Paypal or BTC! Minimum: 5$

Happy learning!


Don’t sell your privacy for few bucks !
They literally will sell ur IP as a proxy and will make the reverse connection. so anyone can use ur IP for anything and u don’t know what he/she will be doing with that but in the end, it’s your IP !!


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