How to get discord nitro for free for 3 months

Step 0 (Very Important) - Read these requirements first - link

Step1: Go to the promotion page of epic games where Discord Nitro is listed - click here

Step 2 - Make a new epic games Id, verify your Gmail & log in and then click on Get and Purchase Discord Nitro for $0 as shown in the picture below -
(you can log in with any new email id and Don’t use Temp mail )

Step 3 - Wait for some time …(2 min - 2 hours) Epic games will send you a redeem code on your registered Gmail ID.

Step 4 - Login to the Discord account and go on the nitro section and buy and put your redeem code there

Step3: It will ask u for a payment method, choose a card if you don’t want to use your personal one then use this -

CARD NUMBER: 4847184940286173
CVV: 405

step4: It will ask u for ur address, go to US address gen site such as - US Address Generator - Fake Address, Random Address Generator

or Input the address below

21969 Windover Droce

Ashburb Virginia

Step5: Enjoy your fucking 3 months of nitro

Luckily I Got my Redeem code -