How to Generate Traffic for Your Website With the help of Quora Answers

Hello, everyone! In this blog post, I’d like to reveal my own Quora traffic hack. With only nine answers, I grew Quora content views to over 25K in four months. You might be wondering how I was able to increase the number of views on my Quora post in such a short period of time. Despite the fact that there were only nine answers, as seen in the image below.

Actually, I wasn’t very active on Quora when it came to answering queries. I simply had to answer nine questions to get over 25K views on my Quora profile. Some of you, however, may not understand why increasing your Quora post views is beneficial. Please allow me to clarify.

Having a large number of content views on your Quora profile, such as over 25K, can help you gain trust from the Quora community. People may visit your Quora profile to see your background and reliability after reading your answer.

Your Quora content view stat is one of the most important criteria in establishing trust in your answer. On your Quora profile, it’s similar to an authority metric. People will have more faith in your answer if you have over 25K views on your material. They’ll begin to track you and look at your profile. As a result, they’ll be more likely to click on the link recommendations in your responses.

Please keep in mind that adding your credential to your Quora profile will help you optimise it. Because every time you post an answer, a Quora reader will see your little credential. You can, for example, indicate your occupation, experience, or skill. Keep it short and simple so that people know you’re the ideal person to talk to when they’re looking for solutions. Creating a professional-looking Quora profile is a smart idea.


Quora Traffic Hack: How to Grow Quora Content View

Let’s return to the primary topic of my Quora traffic hack now. Within four months, I utilised four techniques to increase my Quora content view to over 25K with only nine answers. So, here are some of the tactics I use to increase my Quora views.

Strategy 1: Answering Quora Recent Questions

The first method is to respond to the most recent Quora questions. Why do we need to focus on the most recent questions? It’s because, instead of answering questions with 100+ responses, you’ll have a better chance of obtaining an eyeball. In comparison to old questions, which have over 100 solutions, the competition for new questions is modest. To rank up your answers, you’ll need a lot of upvotes.

The difficulty is, how do you locate the most recent queries to respond to?

Simply type and input any topic in the Quora search box that you wish to answer. Let’s imagine you’re looking for questions on the subject of Affiliate Marketing. Then, to receive the most recent inquiries, sort the time to the prior days or weeks.

Answering the newest questions has a higher opportunity for you. It’s because you can rank your answer easily due to the low competition on the number of answers.

Strategy 2: Answering Most Popular Questions Based On Quora Ads Manager

Answering popular questions with high weekly views is the second approach you may utilise to obtain more views. You could be wondering where to look for a question with a lot of weekly views.

To get the data, we’ll use the free Quora advertisements manager feature. Your Quora profile has a link to the Quora advertisements manager. Create a new campaign after that. You’ll be directed to the campaign page on the next page, where you’ll be asked to enter the conversion event, aim, and daily budget.

Then click the proceed button. Choose “contextual targeting” as your primary targeting and “questions” as your secondary targeting on the ad set page.

You will see a targeted question box appeared, then click “ bulk add .” Here you can search any questions for any keyword related to the niche/topic you want to answer. For example, let’s say you want to find questions about make money online. Here the questions are shown with weekly data, as can be seen from the picture below.

Most viewed questions on quora

Base on the picture above, you can see that question, “ what’s the easiest way to make money online?
Getting 3000-3500 weekly views. If we check the question, it has 11.8K followers with a number of answers above 100.

Even though you don’t have a chance to rank your answer, the follower of this question is 11.8K, which means every time we add new answers. All the followers of this question will receive emails notification from Quora. Due to the fact that the followers are interested in this question, some of them will come to check your answers. Hence you will get extra eyeballs even from the most popular question, which is hard to rank.

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