How to Find Database Breaches On the Internet Easily

Database breaches are used to find information about users on the internet. This can contain confidential information such as your passwords, emails, and even your physical address. Some companies do not have strong encryption practices - making hacking a password a lot more easier. It is important to use this information to your own advantage and not with the intention of using it to harm somebody else.

Here is the following list:

Intelx (powerful & many other features) (paid & affordable)

SkidSearch (minecraft user database search)

Doxbin (user collected doxes on others)

Dehashed (Best search results and among the best and used by many other services)

Censys as they state (“Censys reduces your Internet attack surface by continually discovering unknown assets and helping remediate Internet facing risks”)

Exploit Database (For advanced users! Find upcoming exploits and use them for testing purposes!)

CheckLeaked (Provides free database searches including user passwords