Help me to choose a

My Name is Vipul. i am college drpopped student.
how can i make money onlilne
anyone can tell me tips and tricks
i loss 1.5 lakh in stock market
now i don’t know my careear
plz tell me anything about online making money


Hi vipul,
If you are good at sales, join any affiliate programs. If you are good at writing - start offering freelance services as a article writer. If you have learnt lessons from your Loss, teach others how not to lose money in stock market.

Hope this helps.

Remember one thing, there is no free bread in this world, either time,money or yourself has to be the fuel to run the vehicle.

Apart from this, as other freind has suggested here, do focus on your career at the earliest and complete graduation so that you can start making money as an employee-later you start your own ventures if you are entreprenueral in nature. Wish you all the best.


I too completely agree with @Josh_Collins … what he mentioned is 100% true. I too have such experiences.

@Vipul2960 further if you still feel you need money immediately, the better option is to get a job as per your current skillset and learn specific skills.
Immediately get graduated so that it adds more credibility to what you do.
There is no short cut for success…it takes patience and Persistence. Make arrangements for survival (financially) and then do anything extra.


Once you’ve realized you need to move forward in life, it is good but not enough. Find your area of interest and build your skills and capacity there. Be disciplined to start small and gradually you’ll make it.


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