[Group Buy] - Discounted LearnApp Subscription 3/12 months

Hi Friends !

I was thinking of asking you all if anyone is interested in LearnApp subscription for 3/12 months. If so we can contribute some amount and then buy it.

Learn app is a very good platform to learn about various stock market courses from experts but the pricing is expensive.

The 3 Month plan is of Rs 4,999 and that of 12 months is 9,999 but if we can split among ourselves and buy it for like Rs 499 if 10 People are read or Rs 999. Moreover, I have a 20% discount code through which we can get the 3 months at Rs 3,999 and 12 months at Rs 7,999. So, we would only need to pay Rs 399 for 10 people for 3 months and Rs 799 for 10 people for a year.

Please let me know if anyone is interested and we can buy the course.

Website Link: https://learnapp.com/

Yes i am interested

I can get 30% off on learnapp with moneycontrol pro offers if we go ahead

Yes bro I am interested in sharing service.

Great guys, lets wait for a couple of more people till we reach a count of 10

Works for me. Whatever max discount we can get

I am interested, but just to check is it allows this many simultaneous login across devices?

@Sachin_Gawade We will only be able to login to 3 devices at once. Depending on the number of users, we can split our login times in different groups.

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I am interested too

Im intreseted too

The link went down

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I would suggest you to use Mizodeal.com for this group buy.


Let’s do it.

@Charitha1 @AGP @Sachin_Gawade @New @garfield.lovesfun @Just_Blinked @

Do u have this code?

Is the deal, still available?
As even I’m interested to join in!

@garfield.lovesfun @Pankaj_Verma ???

The coupon has expired now. Moreover the other challenge is, at a particular time only 3 people can access the portal.

Buy with 3 People then?

Let me know @Shrewd_Monk @garfield.lovesfun

But 3 people me, the cost would shoot up substantially.

But still would be very much less than 3999

67% Discount.