[Giveaway] Batch Image WaterMarker Professional | 3 Year License

BinaryMark Batch Image Watermarker is professional watermarking software that allows you to add creative text & graphic watermarks with 130+ effects and 40+ blending modes. Batch Image Watermarker Professional watermarks your photos by stamping them through your logo, address, name, or contact details. You can also insert picture-based watermarks into your photos and images. It provides users with an intuitive user interface.

Key Features:

  • Add text, image, or shape-based watermarks, overlays, underlays. More than 40 different blending modes are supported!
  • Choose from a variety of resizing operations: resize proportionately, fit given dimensions, match specified aspect ratio, fit in certain file size. etc.
  • You can crop images in various ways: automatically removing extra empty space, crop from the edges, crop to a specified fixed region, etc.
  • Rotate and or flip images manually or automatically according to the specified EXIF orientation tag.
  • Easily convert images between different formats.
  • Split images into a specified number of rows and columns of equal size, or tiles of a given size. Then save those tiles into individual files.
  • Automatically detect faces in photos and perform various operations: auto-rotate images to proper orientation based on face position; crop an image to face; blur all faces; find images with faces; etc.
  • Easily find, copy, move, rename, and delete image files matching specified criteria, for example, you can easily move images whose width is less than 1000 pixels or that have EXIF GPS information to
    a new folder.
  • Search for and add images that match specific criteria image size, file name, color depth. EXIF
  • Metadata, time and date attributes, color count, saturation, overall brightness, etc.
  • Pick a task you wish to perform on images from a menu of predefined tasks and templates. Perform lossless JPEG transforms, remove all metadata, apply creative effects!

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later)

How to get the Batch Image Watermarker Professional license key for free?

Step 1. Download the giveaway installer for Batch Image Watermarker Professional v5.6 –> click here

Step 2. Install this software on your computer

Step 3. Enjoy it for 852 days for free without a registration code (this is a pre-registered installer)

  • This is the 3-year license for Batch Image Watermarker Professional v5.6
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free update and tech support


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