Get Mindvalley’s Top 6 Meditation Tracks for FREE

Get Mindvalley’s Top 6 Meditation Tracks for FREE

Today we at Mindvalley are giving away 6 of our most popular audios, specially engineered for a relaxing, accessible and transformational inward journey.

Here’s What You’re Getting:

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

This is a meditation by Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani. Each phase teaches you a scientifically backed method for boosting happiness, gratitude, compassion, peace of mind and mindfulness.

This is Vishen’s own daily meditation based on on 23 years of practice and honing his skills in the field.

The Daisy Pond by Burt Goldman

The scientific benefits of relaxation include a better heart, slowing down aging, helping reduce the onset of deadly disease, and according to Time Magazine, even a substitute for Viagra. This guided relaxation, The Daisy Pond, will get you so relaxed you’ll be carrying a silly smile on your face for hours.

Discovering your Inner Worthiness by Lisa Nichols

Have you hugged yourself lately? Amazing things in life happens to you when you start appreciating yourself. Here you’ll start to feel and experience the beautiful journey of Discovering your Inner Worthiness and give yourself some good ol’ Self Love. By best-selling author Lisa Nichols.

Abundance Meditation by Bob Proctor

We all wish we could be a little more abundant. Well, try sitting back and listening to this amazing track for an instant dose of abundance. Bob Proctor’s Abundance Meditation will have you visualizing your perfect future — and giving you a kick in the b*** to make it happen.

Deep Night

A no-vocals ambient track, Deep Night will help you take a moment to sink deep into the depths of your mind with this ambient, hypnotic composition, to help you achieve the rest you need.

Deep Rest

Close off your meditation journey with Paul Hoffman’s Deep Rest, an ambient track which will ease your mind into a state of complete tranquility and blocks out worries and matters of the day and tomorrow.

It will bring you into a state of being 15 minutes away from deeper sleep, a restful mind, and rejuvenated mind and body in the morning.

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