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In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of system design concepts. Complete guide. Architectural diagrams, capacity planning, API list, tests, Faq.

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About the course

  • Designing a mail system similar to gmail
    • routing client to server
    • we study services
    • authorized requests
    • caching
    • decoupling
  • Designing an algorithm for an audio search engine like Shazam
    • mapping audio to key-values
    • trimming, transforming and chunking
    • combinatorial hashes
    • Saving and searching hashes
  • Rate-limiting algorithms
    • short term fixes
    • distributed rate limiting
    • algorithms - sliding window, timer wheel
    • separation of queues
    • real optimization
  • Calling system design. like whatsapp
    • PSTN and VOIP
    • SIP
    • charging users for a call
    • recommendation engine

Github REPO:- GitHub - coding-parrot/Low-Level-Design

(Note: some videos are missing. soon will upload them)

Link is not working. Please provide a new link if someone is having this course. I seriously need this one