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Learn how to Day Trade and Swing Trade Using Divergence – Applicable to All Markets (Forex, Stocks, & Crypto)

What you’ll learn
Effective Strategy for Day Trading and Swing Trading
How to use Divergence in Trading
Rule based Strategy
Strategy that has easy to follow trade managemen
Basic Chart Reading
Willingness to test the strategy through back testing and demo trading before trading live markets
Hello, Traders!My name is Michael and welcome to my Confirmed Divergence Strategy Course.I am a full-time retail trader for years now, and since then I have been using the Confirmed Divergence strategy as my “go-to” setup.In this course, you will learn a strategy that uses only a simple price chart, a momentum indicator, and a Fibonacci tool. No fancy indicators, all you need is just a basic price reading skill and the discipline to follow the rules. This strategy is simple yet very effective. It is a mechanical strategy that has a clear entry, stop loss, profit target, and trade management.Disclaimer: This is NOT a course that could give you a 100% win rate, but this will help you to build discipline by using a rule-based approach that will prevent you from losing big in trading while maximizing gainsThis is created for traders who don’t have a strategy yet and seasoned traders who want to add another strategy to their trading arsenal.By enrolling, you will also have lifetime access (updated regularly) and the ability to ask questions. And If for any reason this course did not help you in any way with your trading, you have 30 days to ask Udemy for a refund.Looking forward to seeing you inside. :slightly_smiling_face:


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Divergence in a Nutshell

Section 2: Confirmed Divergence Setup

Lecture 3 Setting Up Your Tools

Lecture 4 The Setup

Lecture 5 Identifying Confirmed Divergence Setup

Lecture 6 Entry

Lecture 7 Stop Loss

Lecture 8 Profit Target

Lecture 9 Trade Management

Lecture 10 Reminders

Section 3: Weekly and 4-Hour Confirmed Divergence Setup

Lecture 11 AUD/USD Long

Lecture 12 Bitcoin Long

Lecture 13 Bitcoin Short

Lecture 14 EUR/USD Short

Lecture 15 XRP Short

Section 4: Daily and 1-Hour Confirmed Divergence Setup

Lecture 16 AUD/NZD Short

Lecture 17 Bitcoin Short

Lecture 18 Cardano Short

Lecture 19 GBP/CAD Long

Lecture 20 NZD/USD Short

Section 5: 4-Hour and 15-Minute Confirmed Divergence

Lecture 21 AUD/CHF Long

Lecture 22 CAD/JPY Long

Lecture 23 German Dax Long

Lecture 24 S&P500 Short

Section 6: LIVE TRADES

Lecture 25 USD/JPY Short Trade June 16, 2022

Lecture 26 GOLD (XAU/USD) Long Trade June 13, 2022

Lecture 27 USD/CAD Long Trade June 9, 2022

Lecture 28 EUR/USD Short Trade June 1, 2022

Lecture 29 GOLD (XAU/USD) Long Trade May 18, 2022

Lecture 30 USD/CAD Long Trade April 14, 2022

Lecture 31 GBP/NZD Long Trade April 13, 2022

Lecture 32 JP225 Short Trade April 5, 2022

New traders who doesn’t have a rule based strategy yet,Seasoned traders who wants to add an effective strategy to their trading arsenal,Anyone who wants to learn a strategy using divergence


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