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The ultimate resource to prepare for coding interviews. Everything you need, in one streamlined platform.

65 hand-selected questions

Interview Preparation is a number game that many candidates lose. We have selected 65 of the best interview questions to truly prepare you.

50+ hours of video explanations

Algorithms are hard to learn on paper. Each of our questions is accompanied by a two-part video explanation for maximum learning. This is more than 50 hours of content, all in your hands.

Solutions in 5 languages

Not everyone speaks the same programming language. We give you solutions for every question in 5 different languages: JavaScript, Python, C ++, Java and Go.

Difficulty analysis

Understanding how much memory the algorithm uses and how fast it works is extremely important. All of our explanations include a rigorous analysis of complexity.

Experience Tips

Algorithm interviews go beyond just algorithms and data structures. Our video series of interview tips give you important tips and tricks to help you stand out.

65 questions covering 14 categories.

If you want to go through a technical interview, knowledge of all common data structures and popular problem-solving methods is paramount. 65 questions covering 14 categories and 5 difficulty levels will help you with this.

* Binary search trees

* Binary trees

* Linked Lists

* Searching

* Strings

* Arrays

* Stacks

* Dynamic programming

* Famous algorithms

* Recursion

* Sorting

* Graphs

* Heaps

* Tries

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Hello Ravi,

Thanks for uploading the courses. Can you please reupload the 3rd link having the Applied Machine learning course? On the current link, many of the sublinks are dead. I can only download 45 GB out of the 88.7 GB in that link.
Please reupload the Applied AI Machine Learning course.



@arcwest1 Have you got the complete course?



@Ravi_Singh Thanks a lot for the links

Hi Ravi, Could you please share the above 3 links again ?. The existing ones were not working :frowning:

Hey can you share the link because all links are not working

Is there anyone who can give me the link of “Applied ai” [machine learning] course.
I would be grateful to you.

Thanks in advance.

Please send the updated link of AlgoExpert course.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

hey, can you reshare the link systemexpert? Thank you very much!!

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@Rohan_Paul [33.19 GB folder on MEGA](https://AlgoExpert Courses)

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these links are not workng algo zenith course links please send those links again,Thanks a lot

bro please share the link for algozenith courses That would be a great help bro please

Hello bro can you send applied ai course link because the link is dead or link with password

the link is dead bro

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Link Updated today


Bro all the videos in “Applied-ai [machine learning]” course are missing. I have checked all the link. If possible, Can u please check & reupload the files again that will be very helpful.

Thank a lot, really appreciate your efforts

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