From age 20, master these 10 habits and you'll win over 99% of people for life

From age 20, master these 10 habits and you’ll win over 99% of people for life…

1. Do what you say you’ll do and when you said you will do it.

Most people can’t stay true to their word, be the exception.

2. Show gratitude and give praise.

This comes back in abundance if you are humble enough to give it out in the first place.

Give others credit when due.

3. Spend more time listening than speaking.

You will learn a vast amount more and speaking only when important is powerful.

4. Keep your appearance tidy.

First impressions are mostly based on looks, make it count.

5. Cancel any meetings you don’t need to attend.

If it is truly unnecessary, cut it!

You’ll save yourself lots of time.

6. Being present.

Be present when with others, be able to give 100% of your undivided attention.

It goes along way when you don’t have your phone out and not distracted by anything else around you.

7. Not complaining.

When you’re seen as a problem solver and not a complainer, people’s admiration for you will sky rocket.

Even for personal issues, this positive mindset will carry you far places.

8. Showing people equal respect.

Treat everyone at every level the same no matter their profession.

We are all human and you’ll get back the respect you show.

9. Take care of your body.

Your mind and body will elevate and people will be able to see you are disciplined enough to look after yourself.

It is very respectable.

10. Meditate.

The calmness which arises from meditation will carry across to every personable interaction you have.

People find it nice to hang around others who are calm and chilled out.
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