Fiverr gig link visit BOT in exchange with bitcoin auto trading robot

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It is a superb forum where a multitude of individuals exchanged a multitude of useful and successful information and lessons.

At the moment, I am on Fiverr for the first time and I want my gig URL to be accessed automatically in the same manner as with the websites we use proxies and socks on.

if somebody is able to provide me with this sort of bot, I would greatly like the opportunity to trade it with my Crypto automated trading robot, which is capable of giving you a monthly ROI of up to 10%. (Binance)

Can you share more info about the Binance trading bot

it worked with Binance API, and its complete automatic and you just have to set your api key and your Target and stoploss and amount which you wanted to invest.

it takes all good pair coins like BTC-USDT, BTC - BNB etc.

on an average its giving 10% ROI , I have attached a PDF too for your reference.