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  • Part 1 & Part 2 - Complete React Developer in 2022(w/ Redux, Hooks, GraphQL): Password: XDJ

Great resource.Thanks


Nice share brother🙏🏻

please help me when i downloaded tensorflow developer certificate in 2021 course both the parts they show invalid rar file error , please can you provide the course in folders on mega it will be really helpful

What you are doing is Great help to Everyone who can not afford to buy (poor).but,

What the FUck , Why MEGA?, use Terabox , or any other cloud storage, why: MEGA HAS DOWNLOAD LIMIT OF 5 GB DAILY LIMIT. Some one who is pirating courses certainly does not have a mega premium account for piracy.

PS. : Use other Cloud Storage that does not limit Downloding. (for site owner)

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Thank you for sharing, could you please kindly add all of these in one folder,so that I can download them in one go.

download mega desktop app.

and add the link.
you can download 3 GB after every 6 hours.

changing the vpn and downloading is an alternate trick.

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Hi friend. I upload this course to google drive. This is the link:
TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2021: Zero to Mastery (Updated 07/2021)

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Thanks buddy, this vpn thing really worked!

Buddy who ever upload these courses really a huge thanks but can u merge all these files r courses in google drive or other cloud storage