Download Stock Option Trading The Essential Guide To Profitability Course

  • History Of The New York Stock Exchange
  • The Origin of The Options Market
  • Emotional aspect and why this is the most important thing – Greed vs Fear
  • Putting Your Trading Plan Together Your Trading Plan
  • What is a Stock Option
  • Why Trade Stock Options
  • What a Call Option Is
  • What Does A Call Option Do
  • What a Put Option Is
  • What Does a Put Option Do
  • Deciding To Buy Or Sell an Option – And Why
  • Difference Between Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Options
  • What a Strike Price Is & Which to Choose
  • In-the-Money – ATM – Out – of the – Money
  • Expiration
  • How Stock Options Are Priced
  • How to Effectively Use The Greeks
  • Why is Time Decay So Important
  • Why Delta Matters
  • What is Implied Volatility and Why It Means
  • What Is Volatility and What It’s Effects On Stock Option Pricing Is
  • Additional Greeks – Theta, Vega, Gamma
  • Understanding the Options Market Structure – Market Maker, Expiry Series
  • Bid-Ask Spreads, Brokerage and Transaction Costs
  • Strategy for Selecting the Stock or ETF
  • What is Leverage
  • What a Covered Call is and Why Use One
  • What a Cash secured Put Is and Why To use One
  • What a Poor Man’s Covered Call Is and Why To Use One
  • What An Iron Condor Is and Why To Use One
  • Selling Options’s The Worlds Most Underrated Investment Strategy
  • The Options’s Sellers Secret: Odd’s Are in Our Favor
  • Risk Management and Position Adjustments
  • When To Do Nothing and Why
  • All of the Acronyms

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