Download Pranjal Kamra Investonomy Book PDF for Free

Download Pranjal Kamra Investonomy Book for Free

Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich

Are you inspired by billionaires around the world but think it’s a dream too far out of your reach?

Are you confused about the behaviour of the stock market and the implications of investing in it?

Are you actually scared of investing in the stock market? If yes, then Investonomy is a must-read for you!

Investonomy not only explains modern value investing principles but also unveils certain secrets of the stock market. It busts popular myths and misconceptions as well. A thorough reading of this book will enable you to chart your own investment plans, and soon, you’ll be all set for your personal-wealth-creation journey through equity investment. Investonomy is an initiative to empower existing, as well as potential, investors like you.


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