Download Power Of Stock Special Option Buying Program for Free

Who can take this course?

  • Students
  • Traders/ Investors
  • Dealers
  • Businessmen & Women
  • Employees Working In Stock Market And Financial Fields
  • In fact, anyone who is passionate about share market.

Experience is not necessary. Even if you have never bought a stock before, you will learn the best way to trade and invest in the stock market with as little risk as possible.

Course content(Cash & Future)

  • Basics of the stock market.
  • How to beat mutual funds with a unique approach.
  • 1- Hour Intraday trading system.
  • Secret entry for low-risk high-reward trades.
  • A new concept of price action
  • How to identify stocks before market opening.
  • How to trade gap up and gap down.
  • How to Trade Retacement.
  • One Bounous setup either on options buying or in investing.
  • How to trail and pyramid for maximum profits
  • Trading rules for intraday trading.
  • Day trading psychology.
  • Money management for intraday.


Thank you, however 5.1GB of the torrent megnet link may be shared


Anyone has Youtube guy channel name Bank nifty trader tech course. PRO OPTION. Please do share.


thank u can u upload 2nd chapter in hd


getting this error: "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged "
please upload the new link


God bless you brother,:sob::sob::sob::sob:


Very good course with simple price action strategy, any body can understand and follow this. Thank you very much for this course. I have a small request chapter 2 is recorded with a mobile camera. could please record those videos same as the others

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i have also faced this issue. when i tried to extract the error showing. So i have opened the archive file and copied those file to a new folder. Now all the files are working