Download PFTM (Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass) by Anton Kreil for Free


Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institutes Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

The PFTM (Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass) Video Series is also a Top Down Multi Asset Class Systematic Framework, however unlike the PTM (Professional Trading Masterclass) Video Series that provides a generalist framework and then concentrates specifically on the Stock Market (Equities), the PFTM Video Series concentrates specifically on the Currency (FOREX) markets. No Bottom Up overlay (Microeconomic) framework is required when taking a Systematic Professional Trading approach in the FOREX Markets. The PFTM Video Series teaches students exactly how Professional Traders at Hedge Funds and Investment Banks utilise Macroeconomics in order to build a robust and repeatable Systematic Framework for assessing trading opportunities specifically in the FOREX markets. Applied Macroeconomic Fundamentals, directly drawn on from the Professional Trader world, whereby the Fundamentals used are typically handled in a totally different way to the way in which Retail Traders perceive they are used.

This set of disciplines taught in the PFTM Video Series also applies to Technical Analysis, Price Action and Risk Management. Many of the disciplines taught to Retail Traders relating to Fundamentals and Technicals are simply wrong and Professionals actually see and use these disciplines in totally the opposite way to the way in which Retail Traders are generally taught.

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