Download Kundan Kishore Trading Course for Free

Download Kundan Kishore Trading Course for Free

A course curated by Kundan Kishore for investors and traders of India

Course Specifications
Investing + Trading
Learn both Investing and trading techniques in ten different sections, along with case studies.

90+ Video Lessons
The course consists of a total of 64 videos covering all the topics of the course in detail.

Course duration and access?

Duration:- Three months

It is a 90 videos course covering fundamental analysis, valuation, Option writing strategy, technical analysis and famous case studies.

There are two primary reasons behind this modus operendi:-

  • To stay updated with the market and give real-life examples and resolve queries of people.
  • Make a group of people covering the course and give them a webinar for doubt clearing opportunity.

We want to keep enriching the course with the latest happenings around the market.

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Hey @Pankaj_Verma
Thanks a lot for such a lovely help.

I have gone through the material and also your screenshots regarding the missed videos.

I want to request you if possible to retry the video links and publish the remaining videos after Lecture-55. It would again be a great help.

Thanks in advance


Options Trading Workshops by PR Sundar.

Can u pls share me the link…??
I can’t able to dm u…

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i am not able to see course can u plz again upload it!


its not working

in 13 no folder 56-88 cclass arr emty… please check

Some of the videos are missing in this