Download Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel Book by John Carlton

John Carlton is known to be one of the best copywriters/marketers and this book is of the best you can find on copywriting+marketting Psychology.

The answer was: “ Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel is the only book you need. If you can get your hands on it, DO IT, it’s not available on Amazon and you might have to track down a used copy from someone. It’s all the insider secrets that will take you to the next level.”

Now I was seriously interested. This book sounds like some kind of ancient tome that I’d have to retrieve from Temple of Doom. It’s 2017, what book is NOT on Amazon? What kind of weirdo writes a book and doesn’t sell it on the largest book platform in the universe?I asked some of my marketing friends about the book. They said “I have it. I won’t sell you mine. Buy your own.” I tracked down John’s websiteand instantly bought it. At $99, I had high expectations. This book DEFINITELY delivered. John is clearly an expert in the field AND is a great teacher. He doesn’t beat around the bush in order to get you to buy his coaching. John wants you to succeed. He doesn’t waste time running in circles with marketing vocabulary jargon nonsense.

This book is simple. It’s not a textbook, it’s more of a guidebook. With each chapter, John tells you what to do, explains why it works, then shows you actual examples.

Even if you aren’t a copywriter, or a marketer, this book will help you. There is basic sales psychology covered that would help every business, but it’s nothing too in depth. One of the chapters is called “An idiot’s Guide to Consumer Psychology,” how much simpler can you get?

Reading this book is like opening your eyes to the matrix. Now whenever I see an ad, I pick up touches of Carlton’s methods in each copy and headline.

It’s old school. It comes in a binder and is all paper. It is not sold as an eBook and is only sold on John Carlton’s website.