[Download] Himesh Madan Videoprenaur Course for Free [Hindi]


What will I Learn in this Program?

  • Build and start a Successful Youtube Channel from Zero
  • Get more views and subscribers
  • Being relaxed, confident and authoritative on camera
  • Create professional videos in low or no budget
  • Add right titles, tags, description to increase reach
  • Create amazing thumbnails for videos
  • Understand and study analytics of youtube
  • Build a Digital Brand through video
  • Turn your videos into money making model
  • Building Active and Passive income through youtube
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tips
  • Insights from 3 Channels with combined subscriber base of 14 Million Subscribers
  • Case studies from 8 years of experience with solid roadmap

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to take benefit from booming video industry, for eg. Youtubers, Influencers, Entertainers, Teachers, Professionals, Marketers, Entrepreneurs.


Hinglish (Comfortable mix of Hindi and English)

How will I learn?

  • Online Course - you can watch from mobile, laptop or desktop
  • 50+ Lessons, 14 hours+ Content - Updated regularly
  • You can watch anytime as per your comfort.
  • You can watch it multiple times.

Know your Trainer: Him eesh Madaan

  • Renowned Motivational Speaker, Coach and Top Youtuber
  • Subscribers base of 5 Million on Youtube
  • 300 Million Views on Youtube - 500 Videos
  • Author of Book - Be Awesome, Live Awesome
  • Regularly invited to speak at IITs, Josh Talks, Rotary, JCI etc.
  • Client list includes names like Paytm, Hero, Sony, ICICI, Mahindra, TCS etc.


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