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French Trader – Master The Markets 2.0

French Trader – Master The Markets 2.0 – The high-end offer to finally become a winning trader!

Following these virtual classes, you will have all the necessary knowledges to finally become winning traders in the long term!

The best Forex technical analysis mentoring followed by thousands of traders around the world for several years!

You will learn all of my technical market analysis strategies through several hours of videos explaining all my strategies and a lifelong follow-up until you become a winning trader!

This Forex coaching contains 90% of practice and 10% of theory : I will guide you from A to Z so that you become profitable and independent on the markets!

What You Learn Inside French Trader – Master The Markets 2.0

  1. The Market Cycle

  2. The Trading Patterns

  3. Fibonacci Golden Numbers

  4. The Key Levels (Institutional Zones)

  5. The Trading Sessions

  6. Technical Indicators

  7. Top Down Analysis

  8. Use The Correlation With The DXY Index To Trade

  9. Entry SL Partials TP + BE

  10. Manage Your Trade As A Professional

  11. How To Avoid The Stop Hunts

  12. How To Make A Watchlist On Trading View

  13. How To Add The Economic Calendar To Your Charts

  14. How To Have Psychology Of A Winning Trader