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A beginner’s guide to buying & trading cryptocurrency safely and securely. Easy to follow Step by Step Crypto guide

A Brand New Cryptocurrency Course For Beginners in a Bear Market – Released in July 2022


If you don’t learn everything that you need to know, to begin safely buying, storing and trading Cryptocurrency from my beginners online course – then you can have your MONEY BACK.

Alan Sellers is the founder of Your Crypto Coach and is the only Crypto specialist on the coveted ‘London Chamber of Commerce – Panel of Experts’. Alan also has over 1.3 million video views on his YourCryptoCoach_ TikTok channel.

Alan has 3 simple rules when teaching Cryptocurrency:

  1. Everything you learn must leave you feeling SAFE & SECURE .
  2. Don’t just tell people what they need to do – Show them HOW TO DO IT.
  3. Teach in PLAIN ENGLISH and break things down STEP BY STEP.

On this Course:

The first 3 videos will give you a well-rounded appreciation of Cryptocurrency, allowing you to understand and explain Crypto to anyone you meet.


Our Crypto Success Planner Tool – with a short explainer video.

The Crypto Success Plan tool allows you to track your learning progress as well as the money you are making with crypto. It also gives you quick links to the best crypto resources. Everything will be at your fingertips in one very handy FREE tool.

In video 1 – You will learn how the Blockchain works, and how it applies to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as well as the benefits of the technology in society. We will also explain what blockchain mining is. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

In video 2 – You will begin to understand what Cryptocurrencies are, get an overview of the many different types of crypto and learn why there is a need for cryptocurrency in modern society. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

In video 3 – You will learn about Bitcoin and how it works, what are Bitcoin’s essential components and how Bitcoin is valued. We will the show you the potential benefits of Bitcoin. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

The following videos will give you the practical skills to purchase, store and trade Cryptocurrency safely and securely.

In video 4 – You will learn how to set up a Crypto exchange account (with step by step examples) on Crypto dot com, Coinbase, Kucoin & Binance. We will also show you how to buy and sell Crypto securely. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

In video 5 – You will learn how to safely set up a Crypto Wallet (with step by step examples): You will learn about the different types of wallets, and the benefits of each. We will then show you how to keep you Crypto extra safe. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

In video 6 – You will learn about Ethereum 2.0, what the differences are between Bitcoin and Ethereum 2.0. and how the ETH token works. We will then give you a good understanding of de-centralise applications. This part comes with a Crypto Compass Guide (PDF)

In video 7 – You will learn the Crypto Glossary. This is 170 words and phrases with clear definitions and how they fit in the crypto space.

EXTRA VIDEO: About Spaces Repetition Learning: For 25 years, Alan has been coaching business leaders and footballers how to win. He has added in this brilliant learning tool FOR FREE, as he believes it is one of the best methods of learning anything new.

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