Download Bitten Tech TechHacker Pre-Hacking Course for Free

Download Bitten Tech TechHacker Pre-Hacking Course for Free


Welcome to the world of Ethical Hacking! If you are a complete beginner, this course is a gem for you! Learn everything you need to know about hacking, before attacking your target, in your native language, HINDI!

This is the first part of my Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Bundle with the name “TechHacker Pre-Hacking Online Course”, in which you will step into the world of hacking from the very basics and know everything it takes before exploiting or attacking the target.

What will this course give you? After taking this course, you will be able to:

  1. Step into the world of hacking and know what exactly it is
  2. Know the history of this field and its fundamentals
  3. Introduce yourself to Information Security and it’s sub fields
  4. Know and understand whatever is required to learn before and after hacking
  5. Know why you should learn hacking?
  6. Know that hacking is NOT ALWAYS ILLEGAL
  7. How to make a career in Ethical Hacking
  8. Know the basics of cyber security and its terminologies
  9. Setup your own personalized hacking environment with most popular tools and softwares
  10. Know each and every detail of what you are doing, conceptually
  11. Be able to run your own commands , install your own tools and manage them
  12. Learn about Linux and everything about it to work with it
  13. Learn major Windows and Linux Commands
  14. Learn about Computer Networking conceptually and whatever you need in infosec
  15. Refresh your networking concepts of every layer, mainly application layer in detail
  16. Know about the working of VPNs, proxies, TOR, SSH, Telnet and many more
  17. Know the phases of ethical hacking and pentesting and how important information gathering is
  18. Be able to do reconnaissance and footprinting on a target systematically
  19. Be able to gather as much information about the target as you can with popular tools and techniques practically
  20. Know the importance of scanning and how to find vulnerabilities in a target
  21. Learn every methodology professionally and ethically
  22. Learn about proper documentation of scan results
  23. Be able to apply the concepts hands on effectively
  24. Learn about enumeration and its types
  25. Learn how hacking is done in corporate environment

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