Domino's India Data Breach - 13 TB Employee and Customer Details

Data of 18 Crore orders of Domino’s India have become public. Hacker created a search engine on Dark Web. If you have ever ordered online, your data might be leaked. Data include Name, Email, Mobile, GPS Location, etc

The worst part of this alleged breach is that people are using this data to spy on people. Anybody can easily search any mobile number and can check a person’s past locations with date and time. This seems like a real threat to our privacy

Search your details here: http://slf2rrahypck3bwckpdohsnhpeqrb3nhvwznjmarmweofwnptowe4mad.onion/

(This is a dark weblink and will not open with normal chrome or Mozilla browser. Use Tor or Brave Browser to open this link)

How to use Tor Browser to Search your details:

Step 1: Install Tor browser for PC or Anrdoid from here

Search Link: http://slf2rrahypck3bwckpdohsnhpeqrb3nhvwznjmarmweofwnptowe4mad.onion/

Step 2: Just paste the above search link in the search bar and press enter. You will find all your details displayed including some payment details.

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