Data science ,Analytics & AI Real world Project using Python course

What you’ll learn

  • Go from zero to hero in Entire Pipeline of AI/Data Science/Machine learning from Data Collection to building a Machine Learning Model
  • Various Feature Engineering Techniques & how to apply it in Real-World
  • How to Approach a problem in Real-world…
  • Solve any problem in your business, job or in real-time with powerful Data Sceince & Machine Learning algorithms
  • Case studies


  • Basic knowledge of Python programming is recommended.


This is the principal course that gives active Data Science, Analytics and AI Real world Projects utilizing Python…

This is a down to earth course, the course I wish I had when I initially began learning Data Science.

It centers around seeing all the fundamental hypothesis and programming abilities needed as a Data Scientist, yet best of all, it has Practical Case Studies covering so many normal business issues looked by Data Scientists in reality.

This course will cover the following topics:-

  • All basic stuffs of Python
  • Loops and conditionals
  • Functions
  • Working with Text data using Regular expressions
  • Numpy ,seaborn, matplotlib ,plotly and pandas library
  • Some Other fancy libraries like- fuzzywuzzy

Along with python programming, this course will cover other data analytics concepts such as

  • Data Visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • Query Analysis
  • Data Exploration
  • Statistics and Probability concepts
  • Feature Engineering
  • Featurization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Hypertuning

“Information Scientist has turned into the top occupation in the US throughout the previous 4 years running!” as per Harvard Business Review and Glassdoor.

This course looks to fill that large number of holes in information that panic off amateurs and all the while apply your insight into Data Science , Machine Learning , Data investigation , Natural Language Processing to genuine business issues.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners of Data Science
  • Data Analysts / Business Analysts who wish to do more with their data
  • College graduates who lack real world experience
  • Software Developers or Engineers who’d like to start learning Data Science
  • Anyone looking to become more employable as a Data Scientist
  • Anyone with an interest in using Data to Solve Real World Problems


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Is it good for Python webapp development as well?