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Ecommerce course - 42.89 GB folder on MEGA

Learn Japanese for Beginners: The Ultimate 100-Lesson Course
Original Link:
Gdrive Link: Google Drive - Virus scan warning

Bossbabe - Insta Growth Acclerator - 5.88 GB folder on MEGA

IELTS - 858.39 MB folder on MEGA

Film making course - 67.29 GB folder on MEGA

Programming ebooks - 13.1 GB folder on MEGA

Data structures using javascript - 2.53 GB folder on MEGA

Mega Oracle collection
Link: 38.4 GB folder on MEGA
Key - 1y_H1VgKH7xP8f57YYvIhA

PYTHON DEVELOPMENT 2021 - 145.86 GB folder on MEGA
Alternative -

Learn System Hacking + Mobile Hacking And Security V3.0 Free Video Course - 2.11 GB folder on MEGA

G-F-G - Placement 100 - Complete Interview Preparation - 262.51 GB folder on MEGA


MCSD 70-483 C# Complete Preparation Course Practice Exams - 3.9 GB folder on MEGA

Graphic Design Master Class - Learn GREAT Design - Graphic Design Masterclass - Learn GREAT Design – Google Drive

THE DARK WEB GUIDE - 1.49 GB folder on MEGA

The Art of Doing Master Networks and Network Scanning - 3.96 GB folder on MEGA

Cybrary - Advanced Penetration Testing - 3.07 GB folder on MEGA

Udemy-Tailwind CSS – Step by Step
Source Link:-
Download Link:-
SaleWebDesign.Com-Tailwind-CSS-Fundamentals – Google Drive

Udemy- Start programming for the first time – Javascript tutorial - SaleWebDesign.Com-Start-programming-the-first-time-Javascript-tutorial – Google Drive

Udemy- FlutterFire Crash Course for Beginners – Android & IOS:
Source Link:-
Download Link:- SaleWebDesign.Com-FlutterFire-Crash-Course-Beginners-Android-IOS – Google Drive

Udemy- Learn to Use Colored Pencils and Create Vibrant Illustration - SaleWebDesign.Com-Learn-Use-Colored-Pencils-Create-Vibrant-Illustration – Google Drive

Udemy- Shopify Theme Development for Online Store 2.0 - SaleWebDesign.Com-Shopify-Theme-Development-Online-Store-2.0 – Google Drive

Udemy- Deploy MEAN Stack App on Azure Cloud with CICD Pipeline - SaleWebDesign.Com-Deploy-MEAN-Stack-App-Azure-Cloud-CICD-Pipeline – Google Drive

Udemy- Make Your PowerPoint Come A.L.I.V.E With 2D Animation - SaleWebDesign.Com-Make-Your-PowerPoint-Come-A.L.I.V.E-2D-Animation – Google Drive

Udemy- Python Django Tutorials for Beginners to Become an Expert - SaleWebDesign.Com-Python-Django-Tutorials-Beginners-Become-Expert – Google Drive

Udemy- Postman APIs – The Complete Guide - SaleWebDesign.Com-Postman-APIs-The-Complete-Guide – Google Drive

Udemy- 2D turn base multiplayer game with photon in unity - SaleWebDesign.Com-2d-Turn-Base-Multiplayer-Game-Photon-Unity – Google Drive

Udemy- Complete Bootcamp 2021 : Feature selection using Python - SaleWebDesign.Com-Complete-Bootcamp-2021-selection-Python – Google Drive

Udemy- Amazon Sagemaker: Create and Deploy Machine Learning Today -

Udemy- Verilog HDL Fundamentals for Digital Design and Verification - SaleWebDesign.Com-Verilog-HDL-Fundamentals-Digital-Design-Verification – Google Drive

Udemy- Twitter Marketing 2021: Java, Spring Boot & Heroku - SaleWebDesign.Com-Twitter-Marketing-2021-Java-Spring-Boot-Heroku – Google Drive

Udemy- PHP | Build a Chat Room - SaleWebDesign.Com-PHP-Build-Chat-Room – Google Drive

Udemy- Quick Guide: Regression Pipeline with R & tidymodels - SaleWebDesign.Com-Quick-Guide-Regression-Pipeline-R-tidymodels – Google Drive

Udemy- Introduction to real time FX in Unreal Engine - SaleWebDesign.Com- Introduction-real-time-FX-Unreal-Engine-5 – Google Drive

Udemy- Build a Text Translator using React - SaleWebDesign.Com-Build-Text-Translator-using-React – Google Drive

Udemy- MOSFET :Foundation Course for Analog circuit Design - – Google Drive

Udemy- Learning Adobe Fresco from Scratch - SaleWebDesign.Com-Learning-Adobe-Fresco-from-Scratch – Google Drive

Udemy- PLC Logic Development- An Engineer’s Bootcamp - SaleWebDesign.Com-PLC-Logic-Development-An-Engineers-Bootcamp – Google Drive

Udemy- Reactive Programming in Java using RXJava 3.x – ReactiveX - SaleWebDesign.Com-Reactive-Programming-Java-RXJava-3-x-ReactiveX – Google Drive

Udemy- Xfer Serum – Beginner Comprehensive Masterclass - SaleWebDesign.Com-Xfer-Serum-Beginner-Comprehensive-Masterclass – Google Drive

Udemy- WebdriverIO – test automation – essentials to mastery - SaleWebDesign.Com-WebdriverIO-test-automation-essentials-mastery – Google Drive

Udemy- VMware NSX-T Federation Fundamentals - SaleWebDesign.Com-VMware-NSX-T-Federation-Fundamentals – Google Drive

Udemy- The complete course of AutoCAD Electrical 2021 - SaleWebDesign.Com-The-Complete-Course-Autocad-Electrical-2021 – Google Drive

Create A HubSpot-Integrated WPHubSite WordPress Website - SaleWebDesign.Com-Create-HubSpot-Integrated-WPHubSite-WordPress-Website – Google Drive

Udemy- Backtesting Crypto Trading Strategies with Python & C++ 2021 - SaleWebDesign.Com-Backtesting-Crypto-Trading-Strategies-Python- C-2021 – Google Drive

Udemy- Basics of PHP in 2 Hours - SaleWebDesign.Com-Basics-of-PHP-in-2-Hours – Google Drive

Udemy- Microsoft PowerApps crash course – from UI to Integration - SaleWebDesign.Com-Microsoft-PowerApps-crash-course-UI-Integration – Google Drive

Udemy- React JS Notes App & Crash Course - SaleWebDesign.Com-React-Notes-App-Crash-Course – Google Drive

Udemy- Microstrip Patch Antenna Design using Keysight PathWave ADS - SaleWebDesign.Com-Microstrip-Patch-Antenna-Design-Keysight-PathWave-ADS – Google Drive

Design Trends 2021 and How to Create Them 68

β–Ί Digital Design Masterclass for Graphic Designers 44

β–Ί Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator: Learn Through Projects! 25

β–Ί Graphic Design Fundamentals in Canva: Learn GREAT Design:Theory & Projects 25

β–Ί Graphic Design Masterclass Intermediate: The NEXT Level 29

β–Ί Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design 22

β–Ί Graphic Design Mastery: The Complete Branding Process 26

β–Ί Learn Adobe Dimensions and Create A Soda Can Mockup 14

β–Ί Logo Design Mastery: The Full Course 26

β–Ί Master Graphic Design & Software with Practical Projects 21

β–Ί Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Masterclass 33

β–Ί The Branding Masterclass for Graphic Designers: The Entire Process 29

β–Ί The Freelance Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing 44

β–Ί The Mockup Creation Course for Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo 33

β–Ί Photoshop Retouching - 542.27 MB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Cybrary Penetration Testing - 3.07 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Software Cracking - 7.61 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Personal Development Training Course - 2.7 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning in Python - 1.46 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Extreme Hack Pack - 7.51 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Hacking with Python - 145.86 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Udemy- Build Twitter Bots With Python Django and Tweepy - SaleWebDesign.Com-Build-Twitter-Bots-Python-Django-Tweepy – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy-Control System, Optimization and Hardware in Loop Simulation using MATLAB, SIMULINK and Arduino - SaleWebDesign.Com-Control-System-Optimization-Hardware-Loop-Simulation – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Data Engineering with Google Dataflow and Apache Beam - SaleWebDesign.Com-Data-Engineering-Google-Dataflow-Apache-Beam – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Data Structures – Computer Science Course For Beginners - SaleWebDesign.Com-Data-Structures-Computer-Science-Course-Beginners – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Data Visualization With Tableau - SaleWebDesign.Com-Data-Visualization-With-Tableau – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Extreme MySQL Course From beginners to Master - SaleWebDesign.Com-Extreme-MySQL-From-beginners-Master – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- FastAPI Complete Course || ECommerce Tutorial - SaleWebDesign.Com-FastAPI-Complete-ECommerce-Tutorial – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Getting Started with Lambda Expressions In Java - SaleWebDesign.Com-Getting-Started-Lambda-Expressions-Java – Google Drive

β–Ί Udemy- Git & GitHub A Practical Course: Beginner To Advanced Level - SaleWebDesign.Com-Git-GitHub-Practical-Beginner-Advanced-Level – Google Drive

β–Ί Ethical Hacking, Cybersecurity, Python, Couple courses from Pentester Academy and much more - 22.37 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Udemy- Consistent Compounding by Investment in Stock Markets & ETFs - SaleWebDesign.Com-Consistent-Compounding-Investment-Stock-Markets-ETFs – Google Drive

β–Ί 150 Interview Problems - 19.91 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί Collection of courses, games, etc - GDToT – Google Drive

β–Ί 700GB Udemy Courses: 664.38 GB folder on MEGA

β–Ί PMP (Project Management Professional) - Project Management Professional (PMP) – Google Drive


β–Ί CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEM SECURITY PROFESSIONAL - Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – Google Drive

β–Ί CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGER - Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) – Google Drive

β–Ί CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEM AUDITOR - Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – Google Drive

β–Ί Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) – Google Drive

β–Ί Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) - Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) – Google Drive



β–Ί ITIL V4 - ITIL V4 – Google Drive

β–Ί ISO 27001- ISO 27001 – Google Drive

β–Ί F5 Load Balancer - F5 Load Balancer – Google Drive

β–Ί AGILE - AGILE – Google Drive

β–Ί CCDA (Cisco Certified Data Centre Architecture)- CCDA (Cisco Certified Data Centre Architecture) – Google Drive

β–Ί CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) - CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) – Google Drive

β–Ί TOGAF 9.2 - TOGAF 9.2 – Google Drive

β–Ί BINNING COURSE By Black Hat Pakistan - BINNING COURSE By Black Hat Pakistan

Web Application Penetration Testing Professional - 1.35 GB folder on MEGA

Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation - File folder on MEGA

Offensive Security - PEN300 - File folder on MEGA

Offensive Security - PWK 2020 - File folder on MEGA

Cybrary.IT-Advanced-Penetration-Testing - 2.98 GB folder on MEGA

PWK - OSCP - File folder on MEGA

Advanced Practice do it here
Vulnlabs: - NetSecFocus Trophy Room - Google Drive

Hackthebox: -

Books + Valuable resources - 844.08 MB folder on MEGA

Learn Python programming masterclass - ‍Learn Python Programming Masterclass – Google Drive

HOST SITES ON TOR - 348.91 MB folder on MEGA

Codered | EC-COUNCIL | Getting Started with Kali Linux Penetration Testing - CPENT - Certified Penetration Testing Professional - (Unzipped Files) – Google Drive

The BlackHat Hacking Course 2021 - 126.65 MB folder on MEGA

Master of Recruitment by Pushkar Raj Thakur - 1.58 GB folder on MEGA

Figma ( U.I / U.X ) Design premium course - 1.54 GB folder on MEGA

Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development - 1.14 GB folder on MEGA

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