Chase Chappell – Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0

What Is Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0?

For 7 Years, we’ve been helping Brands & Influencers scale using Facebook Ads

See how brands and businesses are using a simple methodology to craft winning ads, optimize, and implement wildly profitable high speed scaling. The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0 Program shows you how to exponentially scale your business using paid ads. Harness untapped strategies deep within the Facebook (Meta) Algorithm. Start crushing it on Facebook (Meta) in 2022.

When You Join Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0 You’ll Get Immediate Access To:

1. Business Setup & Security Settings

Implement High-Q Security Measures To Secure Trust With Facebook. Use Our Personal Setup & Settings To Achieve The Highest Opportunity For Success With Your Facebook/Instagram Page & Ads.


Campaign Layout



LLA Matching

Business Settings

2. Tailored Creative Breakdown

Learn Our Own Hidden Creative Tactics We’ve Developed After $300M+ In Facebook Ad Spend. Make High Level Optimizations & Understand Exactly What Changes Will Drive The Highest Return On Ad Spend. All Taken From Some Of The Largest Brands In The World.

Ad Analysis

Ad Philosophy

Spark Ads

10X Perception

Crafting Creative

3. Optimize l Advance l Optimize

Improve Results Week Over Week Using Our Tailored “Optimize I Advance I Optimize” Method. Implement The Greatest Feedback Loop Known To Present Day Digital Marketers. Immediately Use This In Your Own Facebook Ad Account.

Ad Upgrades Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Site Changes


Full Optimization

Stack Method

Data-Driven Mindset

4. Multi-Platform Scaling

Never Rely On Emotions… Allow The Data To Make Accurate Decisions When Making Adjustments. Learn How To Lower Costs & Master Baseline Rules That Show When To Make Adjustments & Scale.

10X Scaling

10%-20% Rule


Weekly Scaling

Horizontal Scaling

5. Planning For The Future

Become A True Expert With Omni Presence Marketing & Take Your Brand To An Entirely New Level! Understand The Aspects That Will Drive Exponential Success For The Long Term Of Your Business.

Transparent Tracking

Creative Analysis


Future Of Ads

FB Tools

Creative Refresh

The Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0 Curriculum:

Week 1

Building A Bedrock Foundation

Ensure Page Data, Event Match Rates, & Business Settings Are Structured & Setup For Success. Learn How To Build Out Your Own Personalized Retargeting & Campaigns Tailored To Rapidly Scale Your Business.

Week 2

Creative Analysis & Buildout

Step-By-Step Training To Analyze & Craft Image & Video Ads That Can Outperform Top Fortune 500 Companies. Build Data Driven Tailored “WINNING” Creatives Giving Your Brand A 10X Perception.

Week 3

7-Figure Optimization

Implement 7-Figure Optimization To Your Backend Funnel & Account For Continuous Week Over Week Growth. Use Specific Tools That Support Rapidly Scale Through Micro/Macro Ad & Audience Improvements.

Week 4

Rapid High-Speed Scaling

Learn How To Scale The RIGHT Way. Implement Our Strategy We’ve Used In Thousands Of Accounts To Rapidly Scale Budgets With “WINNING” Creatives. Apply Data-Driven Automations To Simplify The Management Of Your Account.

Week 5

High Level Account Analysis

Get A Complete Overview Of High Level Management To Know Exactly When Changes Should Be Made. Take Full Control Of Your Ad Account And Marketing Your Business With True Confidence & Profitability.
You can access it here: Chase Chappell – Facebook Ads Expert Mastery 2.0 – Google Drive

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