Can you show me your portfolio? Which is the best stock you have ever chosen?

Well I started with intraday last year in April, but soon I realized that real fun is in value investing, it game gives you peaceful sleep, I also tried bank nifty options but soon realized it is just a gamble.

From then on I started swing trading and realized 50k profit then I opened separate account for swing trading and used zerodha account just for investment purpose. Presently my portfolio is giving 31% return within 5 months, if I adjust my realized profit which I reinvested the returns are 57%. I Hope after 10–15 years I will be financially free.


wow…how you select stocks for swing…plz explain if posssible…

This is amazing @Ravi_Singh , Can you please guide us on how to start with Swing trading please.


Really I need to know how you select the stocks.

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hats off to you bhai,bhut jigara chahiye apna portfolio dikhane ke liye
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