Can Anyone Help HOW TO GET 8tb storage Capacity account

can anyone help how to recovery the data and how to get unlimited 8tb data storage for free

Hello ,

As we all know , daily we get large amount of data (specially in mega) but unable to store it permanently anywhere. So today i am here to give this special offer to duforum members.

This Package contains edumail (unlimited google drive storage ) and multcloud Premium.

What is multcloud ? is a platform where you can transfer large amount of data from mega to gdrive or from 30+ clouds ( speed around 200 mbps).

Price - 10$ or 750 /-

DM or comment here for enquire


hello can u tell me more about this

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I think you need to make your account mega.

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thanks for the awesome information.

Hi Naman

I would like to buy the offer you made. Please reply

Price - 5$ or 371 /-

DM or comment here for enquire

I bought unlimited google drive storage @ 500rs from another seller & uploaded my important Data there.
after a week the account got banned. Can the same happen with your accounts? if not then how?

Now Only giving Multcloud Premium account