Blair enns pricing creativity video course

If someone has Blair enns pricing creativity video course MP4 files .

It will be appreciated.

I have rapidgator link but it’s for premium members only if anyone can unlock and provide, it will be great.if you can download comment for link

Get the lay-flat, 3-ring binder desk version that allows you to take action and keep records of your pricing proposals for quick reference in addition to an always-with-you eBook. You also get 5 Training Videos plus the Tools section, which is only available in the hardcover version including:

  • Checklists, guidelines and the tools you’ll refer to as you navigate each sale
  1. The 4 Conversations of the Sale
  2. Value Conversation Outcomes
  3. Proposal Guidelines Checklist
  4. Pricing Creativity Rules Checklist (your pre-presentation go-to)
  5. Post-Engagement Pricing Review (a pricing/profit track record)
  • 5 Videos by the author and Win Without Pitching founder and CEO, Blair Enns
  1. The Principles
  2. The Rules
  3. How to Construct Your Proposals
  4. Compensation Models
  5. Negotiate Like a Pro

do you have the links to rapidgator? I can send you the unlocked links. please provide the rapidgator