[AppCoda] Mastering SwiftUI (Professional Packet Worth $249)

Full course to master SwiftUI and iOS app development​

Learn how to build fluid UIs and a real world app with SwiftUI.

Fully updated for Xcode 12, iOS 14 & Swift 5.3.


Written for both beginners and developers with some iOS programming experience. Even if you have developed an iOS app before, this book will help you understand this brand-new framework and learn how to integrate UIKit with SwiftUI.

Dive deep into SwiftUI and learn to develop UI in declarative syntax. You will work with various UI elements including Context Menu, List, ScrollView, etc, and learn how to create complex layouts with Stacks.

Build a real world app with SwiftUI and Combine. Once you manage the basics, you will learn how to build a personal finance app with SwiftUI and Combine, another new framework introduced since iOS 13.

This packet includes all 3 books by AppCoda, videos & extras:​

  • Mastering SwiftUI eBook (PDF/ePub/Mobi) with source code;
  • Mastering SwiftUI eBook (HTML)
  • Beginning iOS 14 Programming with Swift eBook (PDF/ePub/Mobi/HTML)
  • App Design Resources Sheet for Developers (PDF)
  • Intermediate iOS 14 Programming with Swift eBook (PDF/ePub/Mobi/HTML)
  • Over 40 additional Xcode projects with full source code
  • Full source code of the RSS & Subscription app included
  • iOS Screenshot Design Guide for Developers (PDF)
  • SwiftUI Companion Guide for the FoodPin app

Over 800 pages, 30 projects and 9 hours of video tutorials​

We will start with the basics and then dive deep into SwiftUI. You will learn how to work with the built-in components, animations, create complex UIs, and explore new SwiftUI APIs introduced in iOS 14.

Hi Can you please share link ? Current link don’t have files in it.