Antler Launch Academy - Guide to Launch your Own Startups & Business

Get the resources you need to go from idea to startup on one open-access platform

Ready to start your startup?

Your journey doesn’t have to be a turbulent, mistake-ridden nightmare—no matter how good of a TV show it makes. ( “Silicon Valley is way less funny in real life.” )

What if you could learn from founders and investors who did it right, while building a solid foundation for your startup?

It’s right inside Antler Launch Academy .

Antler Launch Academy combines actionable content, experienced speakers, and a supportive community to progress your startup idea.

Antler Launch Academy gives you the confidence to turn your idea into a startup by answering the important questions at the earliest stage.

You’ll address key topics like how to validate your idea, get your first 1,000 followers, and find a tech co-founder.

The on-demand masterclasses let you learn startup fundamentals and get important insights from successful founders and investors who were once in your shoes.

Begin building your startup or project with Antler’s proven step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of bringing your idea to life.

You can access an on-demand, editable playbook that walks you through the 18-step process to nail the establishment phase of your business.

Want to get feedback on your idea? Build out a showcase page to get early feedback and users from within the Antler community.

Which brings us to the coolest part of Antler—the community! (We’d say getting to pet deer, but the Antler staff told us not to take their name so literally.)

Antler is designed to make it easy for you to collaborate with a dedicated community to make career-changing connections .

Looking for that perfect co-founder? Join a five-week live cohort and filter the member database to find co-founders in your group .

You can also collaborate through community breakout sessions and attend workshops to seek feedback —all from one convenient platform!

Getting a startup off the ground is kind of like trying to double-dutch on your own. ( “Okay, now all I need is two clones. And hand-eye coordination.” )

But with Antler Launch Academy, you’ll get the resources, education, and community you need to go from idea to profitable business.

You don’t have to go this one alone.

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