Angela Giakas – Art Of Influence

The step-by-step guide to becoming a successful creator & building an online business.

A guided coaching program designed to help you build your personal brand, create powerful content, build an audience of engaged followers and create a full-time (or part-time) income from social media.

It’s time to become an Instagram creator & make money from your passions

Just imagine how it would feel…

  • Build financial freedom, take control of your finances, and decide how much you earn and charge.
  • ​Switch the daily work commute for working from a beach, a cafe, or WHEREVER you want.
  • Be your own boss, set your own work hours and terms.
  • Wake up to paid collaboration emails from brands wanting to work with you.
  • Inspire others by following your passion and creating the best damn life for yourself.
  • ​Find out how you can live the laptop lifestyle, and decide what you do with your life every day.

Who this course is for…

:heavy_check_mark: People that already have a passion for content creation and want to utilise that and turn it into income: you love taking photos, documenting your life and creating beautiful content (or want to learn how to!)

:heavy_check_mark: People willing to put in the work, but it’s for sure going to be worth it. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme – this is about creating a sustainable influencer career online.

**:heavy_check_mark: People who love social media and want to utilise that and turn it into income.**You’re like me – always on your phone, scrolling through content and jumping on different social media platforms!

:heavy_check_mark: Entrepreneurial women who want in on the laptop lifestyle. The women who know they can make it by themselves and start their own successful businesses, they just need guidance on the way.

:heavy_check_mark: People who are tired of their 9-5 and know they’re destined for something more… or you want to turn this into your side-hustle!

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