Alex Berman – IC Framework

Alex Berman – IC Framework

Become a High-Paid Freelancer And Earn $1000/Month in next 30 Days

Learn the secrets of finding and closing International clients as an Indian freelancer and scale your earnings by 10 times.

Till now, More than 3000 Freelancers Joined International Clients Framework From India and successfully scaled their Freelancer Earnings.

Most of them scaled their earning to $1000/month within 30 days of Joining the Program, This Course is so effective that students have given 4.9 stars out of 5.

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This Course is based on 6 Action-taking Steps.

Step 1 : How to find a Right Market fit for your Services

Learn the secrets of finding and closing International clients as an Indian freelancer and scale your earnings by 10 times.

Step 2 : Crafting an offer

Once you know who need your services then you craft irresistible offers with different angles and start the testing with

– Cold emails

– Omni-channel outreach

– Partnership building, etc.

Step 3 : Doing tweaks and fixing the meetings.

As testing begins your wheel of having clients will start moving.


You’ll have continuous meetings booked.

Step 4 : Crushing the sales call.

And once you’ll have meetings booked you’ll learn how to crush it on the sales call and fix the deal.

Step 5 : Signing off the deal.

After closing the deal you’ll learn how to build a legal contract and get documentation done with international clients.

Step 6 : Setting the automation

And last but not the least you’ll learn how to set-up an automation for all this process, So that you can get clients without touching your computer.

These are the 6 actionable steps which will get you ahead of 90% freelancers out there!

And not only this! Under these 6 steps there are sub-steps.

Teaching :

– How to understand the international accent.

– How to build the mindset of charging $2,000+ for your services.

– How to charge like Americans.

– How to escape freelancing and build an agency.

And much more!

Modules Breakdown of IC framework

:white_check_mark: Introduction to IC Famework

:white_check_mark: Building a 10X Mindset

:white_check_mark: Communication Mastery

:white_check_mark: Framing Irrestible Offfer

:white_check_mark: How to write Personalized Cold Emails

:white_check_mark: Cold Email Crash Course

:white_check_mark: How to Scrap Emails of any Industry

:white_check_mark: How to Cofindently speak with Clients

:white_check_mark: The First Impression with your first voice

:white_check_mark: How to Succesfully Close Sales over Call

:white_check_mark: Sales & Negotiation Crash Course

:white_check_mark: Putting Everthing on AutoPilot

:white_check_mark: Escape from Freelancing to building your own Agency…

Plus, Five Exclusive Bonuses :

Bonus #1 : Interview with Indian Freelancer Making $30k/Month

Bonus #2 : How to take Agency from $500 to $5000 in 30 days

Bonus #3 : Access to Private Community

Bonus #4 : Million Dollar Cold Email Templates

Bonus #5 : Running 7 Figure Agency – Case Study