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Course Name​ ID​ Source​
Master EmberJS Learn Ember JS From Scratch 6095 udemy
The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course 4789 udemy
Ruby on Rails for Beginners 4788 udemy
JavaScript and Ruby on Rails with React, Angular, and Vue 4787 udemy
Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 - Become a Professional Developer 4786 udemy
Build Web Apps With One Month Rails 4785 udemy
Build marketplace for freelancers like Fiverr with Rails 6 4784 Code4Startup
Animating React with Framer Motion 4473 leveluptutorials
Advanced React with TypeScript 2020 Course Build Sudoku App 4472 udemy
A Short Guide to Using HTML Tables in the Modern Age 4226 tutspluscom
Full-Stack Web Developer Bootcamp with Real Projects 4227 udemy
Build YouTube with React 4228 react12.io
Create Graphics with HTML Canvas 4229 egghead
HTML 5 Canvas 4230 udemy
HTML Email Mastery - Create Responsive HTML Templates 4231 udemy
HTML Email, v2 4232 FrontendMasters
HTML5 Geolocation in Depth 4233 udemy
HTML5 Media Audio, Video & WebRTC 4234 FrontendMasters
Html5-Local Storage 4235 lyndacom
Responsive HTML Email Design 4236 FrontendMasters
Web Design for Beginners Creating Real Projects in HTML and CSS 4237 udemy
50 projects in 50 days - HTML, CSS and JavaScript 4240 udemy
Basics of HTML + CSS 4241 ultimatecourses.com
Building a responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, JS and Bootstrap 4242 udemy
Creative Course in HTML5 and CSS3 4243 udemy
Frontend Web Development - 8+ Courses Included! 4244 udemy
HTML-CSS Bootcamp - HTML, CSS, Flexbox and CSS Grid 4245 udemy
Ultimate HTML-CSS Mastery 4246 codewithmosh
Build a professional Vue app with Vuex and SSR 4251 vuejsdevelopers.com
Building a Vue.js Single Page Application with Vue Router 4252 vuejsdevelopers.com
Build Your First Vue.js App 4253 vuejsdevelopers.com
Build Along: Vue3 Time Blocking App 4254 learnvue.co
Enterprise Vue 4255 vuejsdevelopers.com
MASTERING NUXT Learn Nuxt.js by Building a Real World App (Complete Package) 4257 masteringnuxt.com
The Complete Nuxt.js & Vue.js Course Self Promo App 4258
Complete Nuxt.js 2.4+ Course 4264 udemy
Static Vue with Gridsome 4265 leveluptutorials
Testing Vue 4266 Codecourse
Akka Remoting and Clustering with Scala Rock the JVM 5814 rockthejvm.com
Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex) 4268 udemy
Advanced Vue Component Design 4270 adamwathan
Build a Podcast App 4271 Codecourse
Single-page Forum App: Frontend 4272 Codecourse
Getting Started with Vue.js 4273 Scotch.io
Learn Vue.js 4274 Codecourse
Learn Vuex 4275 Codecourse
Practical Vue Components 4277 Codecourse
Offline-First Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Vue.js 4278 egghead
Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js 4279 vuemastery
Vue/Vuex Single Page App Boilerplate 4280 Codecourse
The Complete Vue JS Course 4281 udemy
Using Vue 2 to Create Beautiful SEO-Ready Websites 4282 coursetro
Vue JS - web application development 4283 udemy
Vue JS 2 Developer Course 4284 udemy
Akka Essentials with Scala Rock the JVM 5813 rockthejvm.com
Vue.js 2 - Vue.js + Nuxt.js + PHP + Express.js 4286 udemy
Vue.js Building a Full Stack Application with Firebase, Vuex and Router 4287 udemy
Vue.js for Everyone Getting Started with Vue 4288 leveluptutorials
Advanced React and Redux: 2020 Edition 4289 udemy
Build Your First Production Quality React App 4290 egghead
Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux 4291 egghead
Getting started with Redux 4292 egghead
Advanced React and Redux: 2020 Edition 4293 udemy
React js (full stack) 4295 stern
React JS and Redux - Mastering Web Apps 4296 udemy
React For Beginners 4297 wesbos
React.js with Redux 4298 envato
Server side rendering with React and Redux 4299 udemy
Ui. Dev Courses (shared already on babiato) - ui.dev
React - The Complete Guide (including Hooks, React Router, Redux) 4349
React Workshop 4350
ReactJS for nubs in 1 hour [ES6 Version] 4351
Advanced Java programming with JavaFx Write an email client 5812
The Most Complete React Fullstack Course (2021) 4353
Advanced React.js Full Course 4358
Build site like Code4Startup with Ruby on Rails 4754
Build an app with React, Redux and Firestore from scratch 4359
Full-Stack Web Apps with Meteor and React 4360
Master React to build real-world web applications! 4361
Meteor 1.4 + React For Everyone 4362
React 16 For Everyone 4363
React JS - Mastering Redux 4364
React, Redux, & Enzyme - Introducing Apps & Tests 4365
Redux and React for everyone 4366
The Complete React Developer Course (w Hooks and Redux) 4368
Level 2 React 4374
React Front To Back 4375
ReactJs, the complete guide with real world projects 4376
Serverless React with AWS Amplify - The Complete Guide 4378
The React practice course, learn by building projects 4379
Universal React with Next.js - The Ultimate Guide 4380
Build a Realtime App with React Hooks and GraphQL 4402
Complete React Developer in 2021 (w Redux, Hooks, GraphQL) 4404
React Hooks For Everyone 4406
React JS and Redux Bootcamp - Master React Web Development 4407
Realtime React with Firebase 4408
Styled Components 4409
The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, Router & More) 4411
Building React components with Storybook in 30 minutes or so 4447
Learn React Today 4448
Learn State Machines 4450
Upgrading & What's New in Symfony 5! 5796
Pure React Learn to think in React (PRO PACKET) 4452
Upgrade to Symfony4 and Flex! 5794
Pure Redux (COMPLETE PACKAGE) 4455
React basics (ultimatecourses) 4456
React for Data Visualization [FULL COURSE] 4457
React Master Class - Learn By Building Components and Apps 4458
React Styling and CSS 4459
Using TypeScript with React 4460
Building a Component Library with Storybook 4474
Classic React 4475
Custom React Hooks 4476
Learn React Hooks By Building A Real Application 4477
Make 20 React Apps 4478
Prototyping With React + Framer 4479
React and Serverless - Fullstack Developmnent 4480
React Data Visualization - Build a Cryptocurrency Dashboard 4481
React For The Rest Of Us 4482
React Instagram Clone - CSS Grid Mastery 4483
Testing Ruby with RSpec The Complete Guide 5793
React Movie App - Hooks, Styled Components (2020) 4485
React Pizza Shop - Ordering Food with Hooks and Firebase 4486
React Router 5 4487
SymfonyCon 2019 Amsterdam Conference Videos 5792
React styled-components v5 (2020 edition) 4489
Symfony 5 Fundamentals Services, Config & Environments 5791
The Complete Guide to Advanced React Patterns (2020) 4491
A React Course for Designers 4500
Advanced Animating React with Framer Motion 4501
Advanced React Security Patterns 4502
Build an Online Store with React and GraphQL in 90 Minutes 4503
Gatsby - Static Site Generator For React - Complete Guide 4504
Microfrontends with React A Complete Developer& Guide 4506
Node with React Fullstack Web Development 4507
React 2025 - Modern Applications with the Jamstack 4508
React 3D 4509
React Query - Essentials 4510
React Styled Components Tutorial and Project Course 4511
The Complete React Bootcamp 2020 (w React Hooks, Firebase) 4513
The gatsby masterclass 4514
Complete guide to building an app with .Net Core and React 4527
Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL 4528
React & Django Full Stack web app, backend API, mobile apps 4529
Server side rendering with Next + React 4530
Developing Single Page Applications 4543
Go Full Stack with Spring Boot and React 4544
MERN React Node Next.js Multi User SEO Blogging Platform 4545
Uber Clone - Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, React, Apollo 4546
Symfony 5 Deep Dive! The HttpKernel Request-Response Flow 5790
JavaScript for PHP Geeks ReactJS (with Symfony) 4570
React & TypeScript 4572
React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB - The MERN Fullstack Guide 4573
Test Driven Web Application Development with Spring & React 4575
TinyHouse A Fullstack React Masterclass with TypeScript and GraphQL 4576
Build Ecommerce site from scratch using React,Node&Bootstrap 4583
Frontend Serverless with React and GraphQL, v2 4584
Full Stack Spring Boot & React 4585
Fullstack GoLang React OAuth Flow w Node Included 4586
Instagram Clone Coding 2.0 4587
Mastering Next.js - 50+ Lesson Video Course on React and Next 4588
MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication 4589
Modern Server Side Rendering with React and Next.JS 4590
React Node AWS - Build infinitely Scaling MERN Stack App 4591
ServerlessReact.dev 4592
Build a Modern React and Redux App with CircleCI CICD & AWS 4596
Create Chatbot for Website with React and Node.js 4597
Intro to Shopify App Development with React, Node & GraphQL 4598
Microservices with Node JS and React 4599
PHP Symfony 4 API Platform + React.js Full Stack Masterclass 5785
Next.js and Apollo - Portfolio App (w React, GraphQL, Node) 4601
Learn to Code with Ruby 5783
Next.JS with Sanity CMS - Serverless Blog App (w Vercel) 4608
The essential guide to Firebase with React 4609
The essential guide to GraphQL + React 4610
Uber Eats Clone 4611
Electron & React JS Build a Native Chat App with Javascript 4615
Gatsby JS & Prismic Build RAPID Gatsby sites - Gatsby 2020 4616
Gatsby JS Build PWA Blog With GraphQL And React + WordPress 4617
MobX In Depth With React (Hooks + TypeScript) 4619
Node.js and React Build a complete web chat application 4620
React and Laravel Breaking a Monolith to Microservices 4621
React and Typescript Build a Portfolio Project 4622
Complete linear algebra theory and implementation 4636
CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript 4638
Data Analysis with Pandas and Python 4639
Data Science Deep Learning in Python 4640
Master the Fourier transform and its applications 4641
Full Stack Angular and Spring Boot 5782
Python A-Z™ Python For Data Science With Real Exercises! 4643
Python Interview Espresso 4644
Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark 4645
The Complete Guide to Django REST Framework and Vue JS 4646
The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python 4647
SQL - MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 5788
Deep Learning A-Z™ Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks 4659
Django with GraphQL 4661
Introduction to Ansible 4662
Machine Learning A-Z Become Kaggle Master 4663
Doctrine, Symfony & the Database 5781
Machine Learning A-Z™ Hands-On Python & R In Data Science 4666
Programming Numerical Methods in Python 4667
Python & LeetCode The Ultimate Interview BootCamp 4668
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp 4669
Python for Financial Analysis and Algorithmic Trading 4671
PyTorch for Deep Learning with Python Bootcamp 4673
Create a Netflix clone from Scratch JavaScript PHP + MySQL 4679
Python & Cryptocurrency Build 5 Real World Applications 4680
Python - The Practical Guide 4681
Build a Social Network in 20 Days from ScratchPHP+MYSQL, Js 4740
API Platform Serious RESTful APIs 5779
Make a Google search engine clone âÃÂÃÂâÃÂÃÂJavaScript PHP and MySQL 4742
The Complete PHP Masterclass - Go from Beginner to Artisan 4743
Docker for PHP Developers 4751
Make a Spotify Clone from Scratch JavaScript PHP and MySQL 4752
Master Laravel & Create High-Level Applications with Laravel 4753
Fundamental Ruby on Rails in 1 hour 4755
JavaScript for PHP Geeks 4756
JavaScript for PHP Geeks ES6 ES2015 (New JavaScript) 4758
JavaScript for PHP Geeks Webpack for Module Loading Awesomeness 4759
Making an Airbnb Clone with Ruby on Rails - Level 1 4760
Making an Airbnb Clone with Ruby on Rails - Level 2 4761
Object Oriented PHP & MVC 4762
Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone Series 4763
Ruby on Rails 5 4764
Ruby on Rails REST API The Complete Guide 4765
Build Room Booking site like AirBnb with Ruby on Rails - Level 3 4801
API Platform Part 2 Security 5777
Learn and Understand Ruby on Rails Hello Rails (MASTER COURSE) 4803
Refactoring Rails 4804
Ruby on Rails 6 4805
Ruby on Rails 6 Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2020 4806
The Complete Guide to Rails Performance 4807
Complete Developers Guide Ruby on Rails & React with Redux 4808
Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide Beginner To Advanced 5789
RESTful APIs in the Real World Course 1 5786
Unpacked A Single-Page App with Vue and Rails 4812
Build snippets.codecourse.com with me 4846
Facebook Clone with Laravel, TDD, Vue & Tailwind CSS 4847
Master Laravel 6 with Vue.js Fullstack Development 4848
Master Laravel with GraphQL, Vue.js and Tailwind 4849
Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs 4850
SAAS Adventure - Learn to Create your own SAAS 4851
iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift 6094
Microsoft SQL from A to Z 5784
The Ultimate Advanced Laravel Pro course (incl Vuejs) 4853
RESTful APIs in the Real World Course 2 5787
BaseLaravel - a field guide for streamlining Laravel code (PREMIUM KIT) 4858
Eloquent Performance Patterns 4859
Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux - 2020 4860
Laracon Online 2020 4861
Laravel beyond CRUD 4862
Laravel Livewire 4863
Learn to Create Laravel Packages - Laravel Package Training 4864
Project with Laravel PHP Make a doctor appointment system 4865
Serverless Laravel - Scaling your applications with Laravel Vapor 4866
Laravel 8 PHP Framework A - Z Build Professional Ecommerce 4886
Build A Laravel App With TDD 5528
Confident Laravel - from no tests to confidently tested 5529
How to Structure Laravel Project 5530
Laravel Eloquent Expert Level 5532
Master Laravel PHP in 2019 for Beginners and Intermediate 5533
PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel 5538
RESTful API with Laravel Build a real API with Laravel 5541
Scaling Laravel 5542
The Laravel essential guide 5544
Useful Laravel Packages 5546
Finest Laravel Course - Learn from 0 to ninja with ReactJS 5758
Database Testing with SQL & Unix-Linux commands for Tester 5757
Database DevOps from Start to Finish 5756
Complete SQL + Databases Bootcamp Zero to Mastery 5754
Learn MySQL and Solve 42 Practical Problems 5759
Learn SQL Using PostgreSQL From Zero to Hero 5760
Master Laravel PHP with basic to advance project Jobportal 5761
Mastering SQL injection 5762
Mastery with SQL 5763
SQL & PostgreSQL for Beginners Become an SQL Expert 5764
SQL Databases From Start to Finish 5765
SQL for Newcomers - The Full Mastery Course 5766
SQLite From Start to Finish 5767
Ultimate Expert Guide Mastering PostgreSQL Administration 5768
Comprehensive Ruby Programming 5780
Gatsby JS & Firebase Build hybrid realtime + static sites 6093
Angular 7 + Spring Boot and Cloud Microservices (Inc. Docker) 5816
Cats - rockthejvm 5817
Concurrency, Multithreading and Parallel Computing in Java 5818
Docker for Java Developers 5819
Java Messaging Service - Spring MVC, Spring Boot, ActiveMQ 5820
Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear 5821
Master Java Unit Testing with Spring Boot & Mockito 5822
Master RxJava, Dagger with MVVM for Android Development 5823
Recursion, Backtracking and Dynamic Programming in Java 5824
Rock the JVM! Advanced Scala and Functional Programming 5825
Rock the JVM! Akka HTTP with Scala 5826
Rock the JVM! Akka Persistence with Scala 5827
Rock the JVM! Akka Serialization with Scala 5828
Rock the JVM! Akka Streams with Scala 5829
Scala & Functional Programming for Beginners Rock the JVM 5830
Scala & Functional Programming Practice 5831
Spark 3.0 & Big Data Essentials with Scala-Rock the JVM 5832
Spark Optimization 2 with Scala 5833
Spark Optimization with Scala 5834
Spark Streaming with Scala 5835
Spring Framework DevOps on AWS 5836
Data Structures in Java - Part I (+ INTERVIEW QUESTIONS) 5854
DevOps Engineer Course 2.0 - Java & Kubernetes 5855
Dynamic Proxies in Java 5856
gRPC [Java] Master Class Build Modern API & Micro services 5857
Hands-On Cryptography with Java 5858
Hibernate Advanced Development Techniques 5859
Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Parallel Programming 5860
Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization 5861
JSP, Servlets and JDBC for Beginners Build a Database App 5862
Practical Data Structures & Algorithms in Java + HW 5863
Reactive Programming with Spring Framework 5 5864
Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud Beginner to Guru 5865
Spring Framework and Spring Boot for Java 5866
Spring MicroServices In Depth using Domain Driven Design 5867
Spring Security Core Beginner to Guru 5868
The gradle masterclass 5869
The Ultimate Spring Integration Developer Course 5870
Advanced Algorithms in Java 5896
Bits and Bytes 5897
Complete E-Commerce Course - Java, Spring, Hibernate and MySQL 5898
Concurrency Specialist Course 5899
Java Application Performance and Memory Management 5900
Java Design Patterns & SOLID Design Principles 5901
Firebase Masterclass 6092
Java Design Patterns Course (2011 Edition) 5903
JavaSpecialists Tips and Tricks 2010-2017 5904
Learn Spring 5, Boot 2, JPA, Thymeleaf, AOP, Web MVC, REST 5905
Learning Path Spring Secure Your Apps with Spring Security 5906
Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and Lambdas Online Self- Study Workshop 5907
Scala Applied, Part 1 5908
Scala Applied, Part 2 5909
Scala Applied, Part 3 5910
Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial - Module 01 5911
Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial - Module 02 5912
Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial - Module 03 5913
Build Reactive RESTFUL APIs using Spring Boot -WebFlux 5915
Extreme Java - Advanced Topics 5916
IntelliJ Wizardry with Heinz Kabutz 5917
Java Design Patterns 5918
Java Servlet, JSP and Hibernate Build a Complete Website 5919
Scala Advanced, Part 1 - The Scala Type System 5920
Scala Advanced, Part 2 - Best Practices, Async, Serializing 5921
Transmogrifier Java NIO and Non-Blocking IO 5922
Data Structures in Java 5933
Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance 5934
Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 01 5936
Build Web Apps Using EmberJS The Complete Course 6091
Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 02 5938
Heinz's Happy Hour Webinar Season 03 5941
Mastering streams in Java 5942
Build a URL shortener 5951
Build Incredible Chatbots 5952
Build Telegram Bots with JavaScript The Complete Guide 5953
Full Stack JavaScript with Sails.js 5954
Hands-On Web Development with TypeScript and Nest.js 5955
JSF 2.2 - Java Server Faces for Beginners - Build a DB App 5956
Node in Production Using Docker and AWS 5957
Node.js Unit Testing In-Depth 5958
React Redux Ecommerce - Master MERN Stack Web Development 5959
RESTful Web Services, Java, Spring Boot, Spring MVC and JPA 5960
Serverless Framework Bootcamp Node.js, AWS & Microservices 5961
Socket.IO and TypeScript 5962
Stripe Masterclass With React.js & Node.js 5963
ïûÿïûÿïûÿïûÿïûÿïûÿLearn Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 5965
Advanced Typescript programming with NodeJs and Webpack 5976
Build a Full-Stack Chrome Extension with NodeJS and MongoDB 5977
Build Complex Express Sites with Redis and Socket IO 5978
Code with Node Learn by Doing 5979
Complete LMS Admin Panel Development in Node & Express Js 5980
Loopback 4 Modern ways to Build APIs in Typescript & NodeJs 5981
Mastering REST APIs in Node.js Zero To Hero 5982
Node Advanced 5983
Node JS Cluster with PM2, RabbitMQ, Redis and Nginx 5984
Node Microservices 5985
Node.js API Masterclass With Express & MongoDB 5986
Node.js CLI Build Node.js Command-line Automation Dev-tools 5987
Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More The Complete Bootcamp 2020 5988
NodeJS with SQL Web Development Course 5989
Test Driven Development with Node js 5990
The Serverless Framework with Node.js & AWS 5991
Web Crawling with Nodejs (H&M, Amazon, LinkedIn, AliExpress) 5993
Web Scraping in Nodejs & JavaScript 5994
Unit, integration and functional Testing in Golang (Go) 6081
Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang) 6013
Ardan Labs Live Bytes (Ultimate Go Syntax LIVE) 6014
Building Real Applications React Js, Golang and RethinkDB 6015
Unit, integration and functional Testing in Golang (Go) 6080
Just Express (with a bunch of node and http). In detail 6017
Learn Web Scraping with NodeJs in 2020 - The Crash Course 6018
Mastering Hyperledger Chaincode Development using GoLang 6019
Node.js for Beginners - Become a NodeJs Developer + Project 6020
Svelte For Beginners 6078
NodeJS - The Complete Guide (incl. MVC, REST APIs, GraphQL) 6022
Refactoring With Bill - ardanlabs 6023
Ultimate Go 6024
Ultimate Service 2.0 - ardanlabs 6025
Web Services for the Go Developer 6026
Learn How To Code Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language 6076
Collaboration and crawling with Google Go language (Golang) 6036
Design Patterns in Go 6037
Fullstack GoLang React Insanity Volume 3 6038
Introduction to industry REST microservices in Golang (Go) 6075
Go (Golang) Programming Mastering Google's Go Programming 6040
GoLang Concurrency 6041
Introduction to industry REST microservices in Golang (Go) 6074
Master Go (Golang) Programming The Complete Go Bootcamp 2021 6043
Mastering Multithreading Programming with Go (Golang) 6045
REST based microservices API development in Golang 6046
The Complete Guide to Developing Applications with Go 6047
Web Authentication, Encryption, JWT, HMAC, & OAuth With Go 6048
Go The Complete Developer's Guide to Golang 4-in-1 6073
Learn How To Code Google's Go (golang) Programming Language 6063
Learn to Create Web Applications using Go 6064
Testing with Go 6065
Fullstack Svelte 6071
Go The Complete Developer’s Guide to Golang 4-in-1 6072
Web Development with Google's Go (golang) Programming Language 6068
React JS & Firebase Complete Course (incl. Chat Application) 6097
React JS & Firebase Complete Course (incl. Chat Application) 6096
Rust Programming Language for Beginners 6098
Ultimate Rust Crash Course 6101
The Rust programming language 6100
Starting with Ember.js 2 6099
Complete C # Unity Developer 2D Learn to Code Making Games 6112
Debug JavaScript in Chrome with DevTool Sources 6114
Complete C # Unity Developer 3D Learn to Code Making Games 6113
Unreal Engine C ++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course 6117
Headless WordPress 6116
Docker for Node.js projects by Captain Docker 6115
1-Bit Godot Course by Heartbeast 6120
Svelte Tutorial and Projects Course 6079
Build Multiplayer Games With Unity And Photon (PUN 2) 6121
Build Multiplayer Games With Unity And Photon (PUN 2) 6122
Cocos2d-x v3 JavaScript - Game Development Series 6123
Code a 2D Platform Game Character with Godot 6124
Discovering Godot Make Video Games in Python-like GDScript 6125
HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree 6126
Make Cel Shaded 2d Characters With Krita 6127
Make Professional 2d Games with the Godot Game Engine 6128
Making HTML5 Games with Phaser 3 6129
Unreal Engine C ++ Developer Learn C ++ and Make Video Games 6130
Complete Python Developer in 2020 Zero to Mastery 6137
Design Patterns in Unity The Complete Guide 6138
Develop Desktop Mobile Quiz Game in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 6139
Game Dev Crash Course (Clickteam Fusion 2.5) 6140
Game Dev Crash Course (Clickteam Fusion 2.5) 6141
JavaScript Web Projects 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio 6142
Learning to Learn [Efficient Learning] Zero to Mastery 6143
The Complete Mobile Game Development Course with Phaser 6144
Youtube clone (NodeJS, VanillaJS, MongoDB, Heroku) 6151
AlgoPro Preparing for a Technical Interview(Techseries.dev) 6152
AlgoPro Preparing for a Technical Interview(Techseries.dev) 6153
Bashing Your Way with WP-CLI 6154
Build real-time games with Node.JS 6155
Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2020 UI UX, Figma + more 6156
Design Fundamentals - Design Academy 6157
Master 30 frontend skills 6158
Node Authentication 6159
Node Authorization 6160
Node OAuth 6161
Node Patterns 6162
Shipping docker 6163
Tech Interview Pro(Techseries.dev) 6164
Tech Interview Pro(Techseries.dev) 6165
Motion Design School 6172
Amazon Lightsail Deep Dive 6191
Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, and Boto3 6192
AWS Advanced Networking Specialty 6193
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 6194
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 6195
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) 6196
Cloud Migration Fundamentals 6197
CompTIA Linux + XK0-004 Certification Exam 6198
Docker - Deep Dive (v18.09.4) 6199
Docker - Deep Dive (v18.09.4) 6200
Docker deep dive 6201
Docker Quick Start 6202
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect (Early Access Preview) 6203
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect (Early Access Preview) 6204
Introduction to Python Development 6205
LPIC-1 System Administrator - Exam 102 (v5 Objectives) 6206
LPIC-1 System Administrator - Exam 102 (v5 Objectives) 6207
LPIC-1 System Administrator Exam 101 (v5 Objectives) 6208
LPIC-1 System Administrator Exam 101 (v5 Objectives) 6209
Microservice Applications in Kubernetes 6210
Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies - Exam AZ-300 6211
Microsoft Azure Certified Developer - Exam AZ-203 6212
Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment - Exam AZ-100 6213
Monitoring Kubernetes With Prometheus 6214
3 More Practical Projects to Learn WordPress Plugin Development 6215
Complete Guide to WordPress Multisite 6216
Divi Module development from start to finish 6217
Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress and React Developers 6218
Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development 6219
The Complete Guide to Building Premium WordPress Themes 6220
The Complete Guide to Migrating WordPress 6221
The Complete WordPress Website Business Course 6222
WooCommerce Theme Development Advanced Course 6223
WordPress Development - Themes, Plugins & Gutenberg 6224
WordPress for Beginners Create a Website Step by Step 6225
WordPress Plugin Development - Build 14 Plugins 6226
Advanced WordPress Topics Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes 6231
Complete WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Course [2020] 6232
Data Structures and Algorithmic Trading Machine Learning 6233
Introduction to WebRTC 6234
Machine Learning with Javascript 6235
Practical WebRTC A Complete WebRTC Bootcamp for Beginners 6236
Professional WordPress Theme Development from Scratch 6237
The Webrtc Bootcamp 2021 For Beginners 6238
The WordPress REST API with JavaScript - An Introduction 6239
WordPress Building Themes from Scratch Using Underscores 6240
WordPress Development - Create WordPress Themes and Plugins 6241
WordPress REST API Building an Interactive Web App 6242
Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Certification 6446
Gulp JS 6447
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - From Beginner to Expert 6448
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - From Beginner to Expert 6449
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The Complete Guide 6450
Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The Complete Guide 6451
Progressive Web Apps The Concise PWA Masterclass 6452
PWA with Vue JS, Quasar & Firebase (with NodeJS & Express) 6453
PWA with Vue JS, Quasar & Firebase (with NodeJS & Express) 6454
Visual Studio Code for Web Developers 6455
VSCode Power User 6456
Animated Loops with James Curran 6173
Cinema 4D Journey 6174
Expressions in After Effects 6175
Hardcore Special Effects Drawing Course in Toon Boom 6176
Infinite Crash using Cinema 4D 6177
Logo Animation in After Effects 6178
MAD VFX in After Effects 6179
Motion beast 6180
Motion Practice with Ben Marriott 6181
Rich Glitch in Adobe After Effects 6182
Rigging characters and animation in MOHO 6183
Science of Character Animation 6184
Sound Design for Animation 6185
UI Animation Essentials 6186

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UDEMY COURSE PART 10: File folder on MEGA

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Thanks man, Saved my time of searching for angular course :smiley:

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please also upload the gate course for mechanical

I am not able to find out any courses by entering code
Please let me how can I try

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This is a great list indeed.
I would also like to suggest some resources.

While working on VueJS you can use the admin templates built with vuejs. Using admin templates can be very useful as they come with pre-made components and features to develop a responsive web app without any complexity.

I will suggest using the VueJS Admin Templates for your upcoming project

please, someone, upload the applied roots machine learning and data science course.

can any one gives me the code of Ahmad Awais tutorial this {Intro to Python.part1} and this (Python for the Web.part1) please

bro algopro code is not working

Hi @Babumoshai , did you get the link?

Does the link work? :-

@Ravi_Singh Is the link down?