52 Weeks Of Python | Becoming A Complete Python Software Developer | Quokka ✨✨


In “52 Weeks of Python” you will learn to become a software developer, aka programmer, aka coder. You will learn not only the nuts and bolts of writing Python code including data types, looping, and reading and writing data; but also more advanced topics such using databases, communicating with networking devices, multi-threading, RESTful APIs, and even some user interface instruction to go with it.

Expect to evolve your technology skills beyond simple, small Python scripts, into becoming a complete programmer on all aspect of software development, adding to your technological skills, making you that much more valuable to your employer, and even more desirable to potential employers in your future.

Your Instructor

Chuck Black, has been writing software for networking applications for 39 years. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science, and has worked in research and development labs for his entire tenure in the networking industry, holding positions as software engineer, technical lead, and architect. In addition, he has spent the past eight years also training students in developing SDN software, teaching courses for major customers around the world.

Chuck is currently developing this course on Python programming, in addition to developing this ‘Quokka’ project, which as a network monitoring tool is used alongside this training, to provide real-world examples of Python code in action.

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