2022 Stock market analysis Akshat Shrivastava

Ufile.io - 1662734670 Class 1-10
Ufile.io - 1662742506 Class 11-20
https://ufile.io/f/7t5jh Class 21-23 + 2 extra classes.


Getting .html files under free downloads. What to do?

Upload in mega this is not working

Could anyone please share the fix for the download error that is giving html files instead of the intended mp4 files?

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Thank you for the share.

good share mate

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Please upload mega


Can anyone pls upload on mega

Yes upload mega

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awesome share :+1:

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Please re-upload. Any one having the files please share it as files have been archived.

ufile.io worked well, so renewing or reposting the links on the same platform would work. I lost the files as I had to format my system. :pensive:

I have personally messaged to everyone commented here to renew the links. But forget about renewal no one even bothered to respond. What a great way to return the favor to the community! :thinking:

@colemanrobertsiii do share the link if you have access

These are the links but not open for free users now. That’s why I have requested to persons who may have successfully downloaded it, to share the same either on ufile.io itself or on some other hots like zippyshare, mediafire etc (hosts without any download restrictions).

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I think original poster is not active here. I have also messaged him personally to renew the links.


Download it ASAP everyone.



Hi, could you please share the course. I joined lately

Message me in telegram : kingmaker_011

Link expired. Can you re upload please