1000 Freelancer Projects: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Highly Successful Freelancer by David Dundas PDF

1000 Freelancer Projects: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Highly Successful Freelancer by David Dundas PDF

A Guide for Freelancers

Over 190 fact-filled pages tell you everything you need to know about the world of freelancing as this book guides you through the process of ‘setting yourself up’: from getting online, choosing and managing payment methods, bookkeeping, and building yourself a five-star reputation for whichever service your provide.

Learn How To:
Set yourself up as a freelancer
Source work as a freelancer
Win more projects on freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr
Guarantee you get paid for your work
Instantly spot scams and bogus, fake offers of work… and so much more.

The author, David Dundas, has many years of experience and proven success. He says:
“Becoming a freelancer was the best career move I ever made and for some time I have wanted to share what I have learned since I began freelancing. Since completing my 1000th project on the Freelancer.com platform and maintaining a totally unblemished 5* reputation as a freelancer I knew I had the credibility to support anything I had to share with you. I refer to the 1000 projects I have completed as ‘1000 pieces of evidence that what I tell you really does work’.”

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