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I am sharing here the most requested course, contains almost all the course.

Any Many more…

Username : goc

Password : goc

Username : goc

Password : goc


How to download Those materials


How to download??


made ease cs plz :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

Click on the link and type as
Username : goc

Password : goc

There is no any method as of now to download all at once but you can download individually.

To download Videos, you have to download them individually.
Remove the end ?a=view from the video link

like if the link is :[MACHINE%20LEARNING%20AND%20DATA%20SCIENCE]%20%20All%20Premium%20Content/[IIBM%20Institute]%20ML%20-%20AI/[IIBM%20Institute]%20Tableau/1.%20Tableau-%20Introduction%20to%20Graphs/1.%20Line%20Plots%20and%20Bar%20Charts%20-%20Pie%20Chart%20and%20Histogram%20-%20Scatter%20Plots%20and%20Parallel%20Coordinates%20-%20Advanced%20Plotting%20-%20Exporting%20Plots%20and%20Other%20Plotting%20Packages-getstudyfever-studyfevertelegam.mp4?a=view :point_left:t4:

remove the end ?a=view , the video will start downloading.

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please provide team drive link

the links are not working

its not working bro