[REQUEST] How to Download Akshat Shrivastava's upcoming Stock market course

text me in this email id [email protected]

any one ready to split course fee. msg me [email protected].
i’m joined for stock market couse.

anyone joined akshat’s course ?. I am ready to split

I’m interested in all ‘Akshat Shrivasthava’ courses, please share me the details of his courses on ‘[email protected]

Hi I think th course is removed right now please check

I am buying the upcoming management course of his, anyone willing to split please reply

I can pay 1K INR

We need more people

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Hey everyone, together we can purchase akshat courses by everyone contribution, lets make a group on telegram and we will coordinate there about how we purchanse course. Intrested folks join this link Telegram: Contact @contributioncourses
Together we can make difference.